March 28, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Women talks: Gossip list…

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Women talk about everything and anything. A girls night out can be very interested… They talk about fashion, beauty, sex and and mainly about men. Why do you think Sex and the City  was so popular among women and loathed among men? When the movie came out, men all but hid under couches to avoid it. No male version of Sex and the City exists, and moreover, there’s no demand for one. Men tend to talk about “safe” topics: sports, finances, and work. Beauty issues. Compare breast sizes and latest plastic surgeries techniques, make up etc.

Future dreams

Ask questions about what they think the future will be like, or what they want to accomplish, or what kind of person they think they will end up with and give sincere, thoughtful answers.

Ex- boyfriends

Women love talk about their exes. they are sharing the times in there past that have marked them. Those times are neither good or bad since they are simply “times that have marked them” and they want to share them with their friends…

 Other women

We’ve heard women are women’s worst enemy, and it may be true… and they like gossiping with each other.kiss


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