February 12, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Why you hate Valentine’s Day?

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If you are single on Valentine’s Day is not your day…it can fill you with anxiety. The truth is that it can be also a pressure on couples…What gift do I get my boyfriend? What if he doesn’t like it? What if I don’t like what he got me? But when you are single and it comes Valentine’s day you have some more reasons to hate that day…  1.It reminds you that you are alone. Just in case we weren’t already aware of our single status, there’s a national holiday to rub it in our faces. 2.You can’t get a reservation anywhere.  Restaurants everywhere are packed.All the good restaurants are full at the exact time slot you want to eat dinner. What’s even worse is that if you can get a reservation, the place will be filled with couples.


3.Evert time you enter a store you are assaulted with Valentine’s Day themed items.“Red hearts”, chocolates and cute teddy bears are everywhere and you can’t stand to see all around you.

4.If you go out alone everyone look at you weird. If you go for a drink to a bar this gives others the impression that you’re looking to get it in with anyone who’s equally as single. The only people bar-hopping on this night are singles, and unfortunately, this gives others the impression that you’re looking to get it in with anyone who’s equally as single…

5.You play the good friend. As if you don’t feel bad enough about having had no one to kiss on Valentine’s Day, now you will have to listen to best friends and loved ones coo about getting engaged while you pretend to be interested – really, you just want a bottle of tequila…

I personally believe that we really don’t need a holiday to celebrate being in love with somebody. We have anniversaries, birthdays, those other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and most importantly, all the other days of the year. Valentine’s Day is just an opportunity to make the month of February feel less awful, and for businesses to make bank. If you’re doing the whole “relationship thing” right, then every day will be a reason to celebrate…


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