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Tired of trying to be perfect. Perfectionism & relationship…

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1. THE PROBLEMS OF BEING PERFECTIONIST. What harm can perfectionism cause?Being perfectionist may cause many problems. It can:cause you to have low self esteemstop you being happy
hurt your relationships. One by one let’s take a look at the points above and you’ll see why it is so important to stop being a perfectionist.  Perfectionism will prevent you from taking satisfaction from anything you achieve. A perfectionist believes that nothing he or she does is good enough because only perfection is acceptable. The trouble is perfection doesn’t exist. A perfectionist has low self esteem because he can’t accept himself as he really is imperfect.

 Likewise, you cannot be happy if you cannot accept the world or your life as it is. You will constantly try to make everything perfect, which is impossible. Happiness depends on acceptance and joy in the present, with how things are now. Overcoming perfectionism can improve self esteem and increase happiness. 

 Self esteem and happiness play their part in a good relationship. What’s more, people in relationships need to help each other grow in self esteem and happiness. If one person in a relationship is a perfectionist they will demand perfection from the other.

Perfectionists create stress on themselves and on their friends or partners and are very demanding. Relationships need give and take and acceptance of one another’s faults is a big part of that. 

 Trying to be so perfect all the time is not only draining on you, but it can be equally as exhausting for your partner…


To avoid a big blowup or ultimate heartbreak, take a peek at the various ways perfectionism might be ruining your relationship and a few tips on how to help it.

Take a look around you and focus on the beauty in nature – it’s not perfect is it but its wonderful nonetheless.. Instead of focusing on how people fail to reach your standards, ask yourself what did they do that you’re grateful for.

Next time you expect something try making your expectations more realistic

Remind yourself how everyone thinks and sees things differently.

Are you sure that your standards are so correct?

Try to look at the good things in any situation and you’ll be surprised at how positive you can be…


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