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Tawkify.com: takes the frustration out of online dating by using innovative features and human management. The site is operated in an entirely different fashion to most other dating sites.

Tawkify Profile

There are no long-form documents to fill out and you won’t get caught up searching through innumerable semi-anonymous profiles looking for Mr/MsRight. The professional matchmakers of Tawkify work tirelessly to provide their clients with only the very best matches. These matches are based on a personal interview which they use to create your profile. With different membership packages, you will receive one, two, or more arranged dates each month. You will also have the opportunity to describe the traits you feel make an ideal partner.


How does it works?

After you have joined, chosen a subscription type, and completed your ten get to know you questions- they will connect you with a matchmaker from your area who will get in contact with you. Your matchmaker will conduct another interview to learn more about you and suss out all the little quirks of your personality. After that, your matchmaker will begin to search for your match. In a sense, they become your personal romance secret agent.

Depending on what level of subscription you choose, you will have a certain amount of dates each month. Then you move on to the portion of the program called Walkify. This is where you get to meet your matches. You will meet at a scheduled rendezvous over coffee, dinner, or what-have-you. If you’re not ready for a face-to-face encounter, then Tawkify will start you out with telephone conversations with the people your matchmaker has selected for you. These sessions will last between ten and fifteen minutes.

There is no searching for other members with Tawkify. That’s your matchmaker’s job. She or he will do all of the leg-work for you. Once you have completed your in-person interview either in person or via a video chat, they will conduct a search of members in your local area to find your ideal match.

The search criteria are based on the information you share during your interview- such as your age, interests, location and traits you wish to find in a partner. The rest is based on your answers to the ten startup questions, and your matchmaker’s appraisal of your personality.

Your match possibilities will be refined based on your occupation, pet peeves or ”deal breakers”, as well as your age, and income. Most Tawkify members are responsible, well-established, credible, high-income individuals worth meeting.



Additional Bonuses:

  • Forgo tedious algorithmic questions
  • Upload just one primary photo to start
  • Place matchmaking services on hold during vacations
  • Send gift memberships to your single friends
  • If you are not satisfied, you can expect a full refund within five days

How much does it costs?

The Matchmaker Interview costs $99. A one-month membership is $499.00, and a two-month membership is $899.00

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