Speed dating study shows that women are more picky…

Are women more choosy on date than men? What do you thing? Women are twice as choosy as men when they go speed dating, research suggests. Why might that be?

However, a recent study into speed dating habits concluded that if men and women go to an evening and have 22 separate dates, men are keen to see about five women again, while women would only choose to see two again, on average. That means that for every offer a woman makes, she has roughly a 50-50 chance that the man will want to see her again too. But for every offer a man makes, he only has a one in five chance that the desire to meet again is reciprocated.

The research was done by economists Michele Belot from the University of Edinburgh and her colleague Marco Francesconi from the University of Essex, who collected data from 84 speed dating events involving 3,600 people in the UK.

But why are men less fussy?

“This is something that evolutionary psychologists and biologists do recognise,” says Belot. “We know that across a whole range of behaviours women tend to take fewer risks.

“They relate this to the fact that making mistakes are much more costly for women than for men because of childbearing. So obviously if you make a mistake in dating the wrong man and having a relationship with the wrong man, you might have nine months carrying a child, then caring for a child. While for men, the costs are lower.”

“For both men and women, education and professional status matters. We found that women prefer taller men and men prefer slimmer women,” says Belot.

People marry people very similar to themselves – from the same socio-economic background for example. And economists argue that this stops social mobility between generations.

For instance, people from rich privileged backgrounds marry each other, while people from more disadvantaged backgrounds marry each other.

But speed dating shows that people are not too fixed in their views of who they should date, says Belot, if they are given the opportunity.

Finally which is your opinion? What do you thing about speed dating? Are women more picky with men?


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3 things men find irresistible in a woman

Which is the type of women you can’t resist… the women that you can’t take your eyes off her… 

Additionally, a man may not have the ability to pinpoint exactly what it is about a woman that he finds sexy – he just knows what’s sexy when he sees it. Worst of all, one man’s opinion usually does not represent the opinion of the majority of men – one man may be fixated on breasts, another might be a leg man, and another might have a foot fetish, and so on.

Here are some simple yet often overlooked things that the majority of men find irresistible in a woman. They are as follows:

Smile. Believe it or not, one of the top things that a man finds sexy in a woman is something that’s well within your reach. And that is, your smile. A university study was conducted a few years ago, wherein the main objective was to find out exactly what men meant when they described women as “cute” or “attractive”.

Approachability . When it comes to attracting men, you must appear approachable, but not easy. This is a fine balance that you must learn to achieve, particularly if you want to attract the right kind of man. If you appear too approachable, you’ll attract opportunistic men who have all the wrong motives — and you’ll turn off the more desirable men who prefer a more discriminating woman. A man wants to know that he can comfortably initiate a conversation with you without becoming unduly intimidated and without getting sweaty palms — and know that you’ll be receptive to him.

Approachability, as a factor of sex appeal, includes not just your attitude and aura, but also your look. Women who appear as though they went to great lengths to look flawless. This is why supermodels, movie stars and some of the world’s most gorgeous women often find themselves without dates or male suitors. They look intimidating, not inviting. He wants lips he can kiss spontaneously without running the risk of the woman saying, “Don’t kiss me — I just put on my lipstick” – or kissing her and smearing messy lip product all over her face and his. They prefer women who won’t have a heart attack if someone accidentally spilled a little wine on their blouse or if they had to sit in the front row at the movies because the theater is too crowded.

There is a quality that always magnetizes a man to a woman — even if she isn’t the most beautiful, the one with the sexiest body, the smartest – and even if she isn’t his type. The ability to be at ease, to act comfortable with yourself in the presence of the opposite sex, is irresistible. Now this is easy with men you’re not interested in but harder with someone you find attractive.

Laugher. Men always want to know that they can make a woman happy. Therefore, a woman who laughs easily (but not excessively) is often irresistible to a man When a woman indicates that a man makes her happy, the man begins to feel confident, becomes more interested, and wants to please her even more. If he senses that he can’t make her happy, he moves on.


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5 tips for women who date older men…

Dating has no age limits… everyone has the right to meet new people, go out and fall in love. If you are a woman and you meet an older man that you want to date of course and you should consider some things but don’t let age be a barrier.

The truth is that if you really like someone who is considerably older, the relationship is usually based on compatible personalities, common interests, and chemistry. An age difference between two people who really like each other is something that quickly becomes a non-issue.

Some people may be much younger than their actual age mentally, emotionally and socially, while others may have had life experiences that make them seem older than their birth age…

Women who date older men often do so for a variety of reasons. For example, they may desire financial stability, be attracted to a confident male who has clear goals, or find an older man able to be more sensual in the bedroom. Keep these tips in mind to help your relationship start out.

1.Don’t become needy and dependent.While men do appreciate a woman who needs them, they also appreciate a woman who is independent – someone who is able to make decisions, earn money, and take care of herself. When you don’t feel independent, you place a burden on the relationship. Even if a man earns much more than you and can easily take care of all your expenses, he will feel stifled if he has to take care of all the bills and expenses, as well as make all the decisions on where to go out for dinner, where to shop, and other simple things. So stay self-assured, confident, and fairly independent.

2.Older men are too experienced to play social games. You don’t want to try to act or dress in a non-natural way just to attract them. Just be yourself and don’t worry that you may not be mature enough or experienced enough for them. They obviously find some quality about you that is attractive so there is no need to try to be or act like someone that you are not. Be comfortable with who you are and the right relationship will fall into place.

3.Ask his opinion. Since an older man may have a broader perspective on life simply because he is more experienced, you can ask him questions that a younger man might find threatening. For instance, you can ask him about career growth or money management because he is likely to be very supportive, offering you advice from his experience, referring you to professional colleagues, or simply pointing out where you can find your best answers.

4.Act like your age.Do not imagine that when you’re dating older men, you should act more their age than yours. Maybe that is the reason why he likes you, because you still harbor some of that innocence he craves for and you make him feel like a younger man.

5.Don’t think the very distance present. Try to live in the present and enjoy your relationship. Don’t think about what is going to happen in the distant future – whether you will get married, have stepchildren or not. You will make those decisions in due time. In the meantime, enjoy what your experience dating older men and start thinking about the future only when the two of you really know each other. 😛 

Do any of you have experience with dating older men? Do you think it’s harder to have a relationship with an older man?


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How to approach a girl for a first time…

If you trying to find ways to approach a woman to a bar or somewhere else for a first time but you don’t know how here we are to help you! Actually men find it very challenging to talk to a girl for the first time. In a crowd of many people, there’s always one person who will catch your eye. When that moment comes, you must know what to do to introduce yourself… Use this chance to mingle with others and meet girls:


Start with a compliment.

Classic way to start but always successful if you know the right way to do the compliment. Paying a girl the right compliment makes your intentions clear right away – she’ll know instantly that you’re interested in being more than her friend.

Offer a drink and act naturally

Girls like special treatment. Offering a drink is a gesture that would demonstrate your appreciation of their presence. Normally, they will refuse because you are a stranger. To make this strategy work, introduce yourself first before offering a drink. If they still decline, respect their decision. Start a conversation instead.

Make eye contact

During a conversation, it is important to make eye contact. The best way to talk to a girl is by looking into her eyes. This makes her feel that you are sincere with your intentions and you are an honest person. Aside from that, avoid getting distracted by other women in the crowd. Focus your attention to the person you are talking to.

Smile and infuse humor

Every girl wants a good laugh. A good sense of humor always makes the conversation more interesting and fun. Add this to your discussion to make a lively chat. You’ll never go wrong with this style as long as you don’t offend anyone with your joke.

Ask her opinion 

One of the most effective ways to start a conversation is to ask her opinion on something. This works especially well with groups of women, and with a topic they would love to talk about. Fashion, relationships, celebrity gossip: the topics are endless. 😉  😉 

Women love “Bad Boys”… but why?

Have you ever wonder why women attracted to “bad boys”? Is it that “mystery” that they usually  carry on their character and their style appearance? Why can’t  just let them go?

 What is it about bad boys that even entices the most logical of girls? A study from The University of British Colombia proved that women are much more attracted to men who carry proud and/or angry expressions. Men who were all smiles received little to no love. And bad boys usually seem mysterious or just mean. Have you ever seen a bad boy smile and expose a more tender side to their personality? Definitely not.

They chase what they can’t get: Nothing turns a woman off more than a needy partner. After all if a guy kept running after a woman then she will assume that he is desperate and because women are biologically wired to get attracted to the strong man that needy type turns them off completely.

It’s a challenge: Most women want a challenge that can help them get a self esteem boost. Noting can make a woman feel better about herself than taming that wild guy who isn’t emotionally available. In other words, women go for these men hoping to change them to the better but they usually find themselves stuck.

It’s this  inexplicable reason: When we can’t figure him out, but we want to. We don’t know what he feels, but we won’t stop until we figure it out. And of course there’s the game playing.

They bring out your wild side: Bad boys are bad, which means that they are also wild. Who better to bring out our wild sides than a man who can’t be tamed.

A good way to go against your parents: You can rebel against your parents? Date a bad boy! That’s one reason why women find them so appealing, especially when we are teenage girls. “

“Oozing” Masculinity: Bad guys almost always win over nice guys because they’re oozing with masculinity and palpable sex appeal. It’s the fearlessness exuding in bad guys that hook women up. Most women are attracted to tough, dangerous and strong guys because it means they can’t be pushed over or manipulated.

They give excitment: Bad boys are anything but predictable. They ride motorcycles and they take risks, they won’t call a woman for days and then they’ll call her out of the blue. While it doesn’t make sense, this is exciting to woman and women respond to this sort of behavior like moths to a flame. 😎 😎


Best personality traits women want from men

Ladies are impressed from men’s physically qualifications but they also focused in some important personality traits of them. When it comes to mens  personality there are a number of things that are worth looking into…

It’s important to know what personality traits women want in men to be successful in attracting a great partner. A lot of women look for things like being rich, good-looking, ripped, or being great in bed. But there also those women who looking for guys with strong personality…

They impressed from a man when  has an interesting character and special features… 

Which are the personality traits that men should have according to the desires of women?

Being faithfull. You should never cheat on the woman that you have. Being faithful can only work in your favor. Let’s put it this way, you want to sleep with a number of women.

A gendleman is always atracctive. Women want a guy that treat a lady like a lady and  if you actually ask women about it you will quickly learn that they have an appreciation for men that carry old fashioned beliefs.

Strong man is desirable. This does not refer to being physically strong but more to your character in comparison to hers. If you can show true strength and firmness of character you will create an image of a strong man in her eyes. This is about being confident and not being afraid to show it.

Be compassionate. Compassion it’s about going there to offer her some real comfort.

Being direct.If you really want to impress her, try giving direct responses whilst looking into her eyes. Give her your full undivided attention and she will respect you for that.

Have humor. Women are emotional beings so they associate laughter with a good feeling. As a result, if you can make them laugh, you’re basically making them feel good around you.

Βe communicative. Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, so a man must be able to listen to and empathize with his partner.

Being smart & successfull.Every woman wants a winner. If a guy has a job and a place to live, it generally means that he is driven, hardworking, and responsible – all of which are ideal characteristics in a mate.

Be sociable. A woman wants to know that she can introduce you to her pals without having to worry that you could potentially creep them out.  Being able to play well with others is key. 💡  💡 


Stay together… spending time apart…

You think because you are in a relationship  you have to do everything together? It’s nice doing things together but not all the time… You shouldn’t be defined by a relationship.  Sometimes we forget this and then it leads to obsession. You must not forget that you also have your own hobbies, likes and searches… Of course when you are in a relationship you need to spend time together but a little time apart only makes you appreciate each other more.

Spending time apart gives each person time to decompress, to be themselves and to be secure with their identity outside of the relationship. You definitely want your boyfriend to have some alone time and you should welcome the chance to relax alone yourself.

Do you remember when you were still getting to know each other and there was some mystery? Spending time apart not only allows you to miss each other more, but it also bring back some of the mystery to keep things interesting. It’s not healthy to always keep tabs on them and know where they are or who they’re with. If you were always with them and knew everything about them, you’d get bored fast.

Doing things about yourself. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the other person that you forget about yourself. Taking a break from your partner will allow you to do the things you want to do. Even though you are a couple, you need to keep doing the things you did before you were with them. When you pick up hobbies that you can do solo, you’ll be able to bring home new skills that will wow your partner.

Less stress. Taking a break from your partner can be freeing because you won’t have to worry about them all the time. If you’ve been fighting with your partner, this is the perfect time for both of you to cool down and relax.

Achieve your goals. Remember that at the end of the day, you are the most important person in your life. Some time apart from your partner allows you to succeed in your career because you can devote more focus and energy to it. If your partner is understanding, they will be able to wait for you.

 Have more things to talk about. Both of you have lives outside the relationship. By not spending every waking second together, you’re experience things separately too. This will give you a chance to enrich your own lives, share stories with them and bring more to the relationship to make it better.

More time to spend with friends and family. They are also really important relationships in your life and should be treated as such. Your partner may be awesome, but they cannot fill in all your other relationships.

Your relationship needs to “breathe”. Spending time apart doesn’t help only you but also your partner and totaly your relationship so give time to you and to your partner and you will definately stay together…


6 types of men that women avoid…

If you are a single woman  and you desperate looking for a relationship or just a new date you must be careful with the type of man you want… your previous experiences were bad because always in the beginning he looks like Mr. Perfect… he sweeps you off your cynical feet with nice dinners, roses, thoughtful gestures. The sex is incredible. You want to introduce him to your mom. But before you fall hook, line and sinker, stop!

Maybe now you should make a list of the types of men you must avoid in case next time you will more lucky!

Below are eight types of guys that women consistently stay away from:

The narcissistic guy. One type of attitude guys have that women avoid is being too narcissistic and self-contained. Most women feel that this type of guy is obsessed with himself and would rather spend his time toning his muscles and looking good than on a date with them.

The liar. This guy fabricates stories about pretty much anything in hopes of getting laid instead of just being honest about his life or his desire for a casual fling. While the little white lies about past conquests, jobs, exes, qualifications, and experiences may seem harmless, most women don’t want to deal with a guy who can’t or won’t tell the truth.

The man-child. This guy is clinging to his glory days when life was less complicated and responsibility was minimal. He’s obsessed with video games, frequently attends keg parties and considers Pizza Fun one of the major food groups. These men are the ones who can’t keep a job, blame everyone else for their own stupidity and laziness, and are constantly outraged that the world is not giving them respect.

The guy who has never been single. This guy  goes from one relationship to the next with little or no padding in between. There is no better place to hide from yourself than in a relationship. This man will probably hang over you and make your life unbearable…

The irresponsible guy (mainly financially). Here is a red flag for women. Most women don’t want to deal with a guy who can’t seem to spend his money easily or the  guy who overdrawing his bank account(s) and maxing out credit cards without being able to afford all this…

The desperate guy. The desperate man may have a strong want and desire to have a relationship but can be very oppressive annoying guy. His behaviors can indicate low-self esteem and a host of other issues that turn women off and can actually be viewed as creepy and disturbing.

So, ladies, be careful with that types of men …it’s better to avoid a date with one of them!






7 habbits women should ditch after 30’…

Before you hit the age of 30′ you are more free with your relationships and your life… over 30′ is the age you turn on a different way of life. Start thinking more about your future and you are more mature to contact seriously with others…

Especially women when they reach the age of 30 have different needs and dreams… start thinking more about a relationship, a marriage and worried if  ever find the right guy.

As soon as you reach 30, you might start thinking that you won’t be having much luck in finding your dream man. But don’t worry, crossing 30 should not put you on the panic mode. You will be glad to find that there are a lot of decent, kind, and available men who are also looking for someone to love, and that could just be you.

But if you want to have a good dating when you are 30′ you should update some old habbits… Here are some you should ditch after 30:

1.Hopping every guy is “the one”.Dating is supposed to be fun. So drop the serious, desperate-to-settle down shtick and just have a good time…

2.Sleeping with him in the first date.But don’t be surprised if he doesn’t call the next day. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what kind of “connection” you had.

3. Dating someone who lives with their parents. You need something more at this age. 

4.Dancing like you did with  21-year-olds at parties. You should now be more serious and more elegant in your style. This doesn’t mean that you should not have fun and dance with your date. Laugh, dance and enjoy like 30-years-old women do…

5. Expecting a man/knight in shining armor to swoop in and save you. You can still dream the ideal man but don’t  be disappointed if he’s not the prince you had read about in  fairy tales when you were a  kid

6.Expecting a man to do all. You are a big girl now and you can do some first steps before him…

7.Crushing on Justin Bieber. You must change your preferences regarding the type of man that impress you…

8 “tricks” to attract a woman

Every time you try to attract  a woman the result is not what you really want? Maybe something is going on with your character, with your way of living, the way you behave…etc. Women need special treatment and there are some simple things that loved on a man…. Follow this smart “tricks” and i am sure that every woman will fashinate by you…

1.Be cool and confident. Sometimes you don’t have to drive a cool car, wear the most expensive clothes  to achieve a gorgeous look. Confidence can make it all possible without too much of an effort. Women impressed when a man is succesfull and rich but if he hasn’t confidence then it’s not worth…

2.Always aim to look and smell good. It’s important that you be presentable always — looking and smelling good makes you feel good within — and it shows. Women can feel your positive aura and the more comfortable and relaxed the more you’ll draw them closer to you.

3.Have an air of mystery in you. Mystery is appealing and it keeps the ladies intrigued and fascinated by you. Fascinate her. Predictability is boring so you need to have a few surprises in store to make her go back for more.

4.As woman loves to talk about themselves a lot, ask her questions. Asking her questions about her past and her favorite things will allow her to open up and feel much more comfortable, it shows her that you’re interested in more than just her looks. 

5.Open the door for a woman. Opening the door for a woman is a sign of gentleman. Do your part to bring chivalry back by opening the door for her. I bet, this is one is worth it.

6. Socialize with her friends.Women are attracted to likable, social, charming men, the kind of guys their friends and families will love. Impress them and you’ll impress her.

7.Be yourself. .Do not pretend you’re someone elseDo not underestimate the intelligence of a woman…try to fascinate her with your character.

8.Be a “strong guy”.Some guys employ this trick to catch the attention of their girl. How? The guy normally pisses off the girl with insults and comments that are too hard to accept. The guy makes the girl angrier at him by the day until the girl gives up on him. But don’t overdo with this trick! Can turn against you…