5 top sex tips to please your girlfriend…

Do you know which are best 5 foreplay sex tips to please your lovely girlfriend? Here they are:

1.Try this great warmup

 The precoital massage: As a warmup to the main event, start by massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles. Then focus on the feet, kneading her heels and all other points beneath. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually. Of course, if her impeccable hygiene encourages you to suck her toes, you’ll have her in ecstasy.

2. Ask what turns her on

Come right out and ask what she likes during sex. “Most women appreciate men who want to make sure they’re satisfied,” says Barbara Bartlik, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at Cornell University. “If she notices you’re working hard to please her, she’ll be more likely to return the favor.” And tell us: Is there a better place to develop your work ethic?

3. Best position for hitting the G-spot

Most experts say that G-spot stimulation works best when you do it by hand, since it allows for more subtle manipulation. But that means less fun for you. To get at her G-spot during intercourse, enter her doggy-style from the rear.

4.Kissing keeps her going

You’re close, really close, but you’re forgetting what got you here in the first place. Just remember that passionate kissing doesn’t always mean frantically swabbing out her tonsils. Try to mix up your tongue play with the occasional closed-mouth kiss on her nose, eyes, and forehead.

5.Reward her bravery

When she initiates the action, make an extra effort to please her sexually and to let her know how much you approve. Tell her you loved her initiation. Sometimes women wonder if you’re going to perceive initiation as negative or if it might make you uncomfortable.

Sex on the first date?

Here is how you will make it happen!

Its note easy and it has to be mutually desired, but hek why not? You can actually end up having sex on the first date, as long as you play your cards right!
Here are some tips on how to make her want to have sex on the first date with YOU:

1.  Be creative: Create a sensual and warm atmosphere
If you want to get yourself some first date sex, then you have to get sexy creative and create a sensual mood for the night.  Create an atmosphere where you can be alone with her without a lot of interruptions.  A quite booth in the corner of a restaurant can be all that you need to start things off just right with her. BUT: no matter what you do, keep in mind that the mood of the evening is one of the biggest determining factors of whether or not she will end up in YOUR bed…

2.  Be smart: not all talk should be sexual.
When you have her close to you and you are deep in conversation with her, it’s okay to throw in some sexual undertones to the back and forth banter, BUT,  you do not want to come on too strong with the sex talk.  If she thinks that the only thing on your mind is getting her in your bedroom, you most likely will not get what you want. Women are pretty protective of their image, and certainly not stupid, so if she thinks that all you are trying to do is tag another notch above your bedpost, well, she will hit the ground running.

3.  Be intimate: share something intimate with her.

Whether it’s a conversation about something intimate, or a physical act like a slow dance, you want to share some intimate experience with her before you try and get intimate in the way that YOU really want to.  When you have already shared a little intimacy in one form, it’s easier and more natural to share it in the physical form as well.

4. Be bold: kiss her first and do it good
Kissing is a natural prelude to sex, so you want to show her what you got in the kissing department.  Don’t wait for the moment when you want to lead her into your bedroom for you to go for the first kiss.  Instead, kiss her earlier in the evening and then make your move to take the kissing a little further as the night goes on.

5. Be generous: enjoy a long foreplay.
Don’t just rush into intercourse, you just met the girl for heavens sake! Take it slower and start with the foreplay with her.  Run your hands up and down her legs nice and slowly and kiss her on the neck and down her chest.  When you show her that the evening is all about pleasing her, she won’t feel like you are just out to get a little action.  She will feel that the two of you are sharing something more genuine and special, and something that she will enjoy as much as you will!


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Sexting: Are you trendy enough?

Do you know what is sexting… is very famous word nowdays and it’s about  sending and receiving sexually explicit messages. In brief the main rules of sexting are: do it with someone you’re comfortable with, start slowly, respect boundaries, and pay attention to cues from the other person. And the big one: enjoy it!

These sexting guidelines will help charge up your sex life without putting a dent in your privacy:

Don’t sext with men you don’t know
Make this one of your dating rules — don’t even think about sexting with a man you haven’t met in person yet. What are the chances a new guy will think about anything but getting you in the sack when you play “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”? Hold off until you have gotten to know the guy better, and have been intimate to ensure a certain level of trust. It’s just a smart way to go.

Sexting as a foreplay

The right tone can put you two in a sexy mood hours before you see each other and set the stage for a passionate night. Just keep the texts short—you’re not writing a romance novel here—but spiked with juicy details.

Decide how comfortable you are

Sexting isn’t all bad, and if you’re into this level of digital sexiness, more power to you. Sexting can be exciting and fun and spice things up when you two aren’t able to be together. Just take some time to figure out what makes sense with your comfort level.

Be sure in person you’re cool

Make sure whatever you sext about is stuff that you would do or say in person. I know it’s easy to get way naughtier than normal when all you have to do is type a message  without seen each other but you must be cool if you receive a very spicy message


Likewise, a recent study turns out that sexting’s pretty commonplace. Eighty percent of study participants have received “sext” messages in the past; 67% admitted to sending them at some point; 64% have received racy pictures, and 47% of participants have sent sexy photos.

The majority of study participants admitted to rarely (less than three times per month) sending or receiving sext messages or photos. Plus, men report more positive experiences than women do, so that could explain why she’s holding back. Your relationship status might also be a factor. According to the study, individuals who are dating, in a serious relationship, and/or cohabiting sent more sexts and had more positive experiences with sexting than their single counterparts did.

According to the study, positive expectations correlate with more frequent sexting. So the more positive experiences you have, the more comfortable you’ll feel trying it again

So, if your problem is putting on the brakes–not slamming the accelerator–it might be time to take a leap of faith. 😎 

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How to make him want you back again…

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HE DOESN’T WANT ME…You still love him but he doesn’t give you attention anymore Your feelings are still strong but he doesn’t seems feel same as you… Like it or not, all people go through a breakup or two during their lives. However, if you are asking how to make a guy want you back, it means that for you it’s not over yet. In this case you have to make sure that this is what you really want. There are a lot of tips and tactics that you can use to make guys want you and you can be sure that some (if not all) will work on him as well. TIPS TO MAKE HIM WANT YOU BACK.. Keep your distance When it comes to how to make a guy want you back fast is to show them the huge mistake they made when they let you go. 


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Keeping your marriage alive

Being married and especially for many years is not so easy thing because passion and fire it’s difficult to stay alive… Even though when you commit to one another that’s usually the intention, after a few years or even months, the “fire” sometimes dwindles and may even go out completely. You have to make many concessions and you have to be quite patient… Here we look at just some of the secrets and relationship tips on how to keep the love and passion in a relationship alive long after the fire, for many, would have gone out: 1. Stoke the fire with some thoughtful gifts. Don’t let the exchanging of gifts just become a birthday and Christmas routine. Read more

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You are the type of man who can’t express easily romance and sensitive feelings to your girlfriend? Understand what romance means and why it is important and learn what romantic aspects there are to your own character. No one has a heart made of stone, however tough their exteriorRomance is at the heart of any dating experience. If you don’t consider yourself romantic then you are wrong. I don’t know of anyone on this planet who doesn’t have the ability to fall in love. Therefore if you can fall in love, you can be romantic too. Romance is not in the grand gestures , it is in the small details. Women will often say that it is the small things that matter. Read more

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1. THE PROBLEMS OF BEING PERFECTIONIST. What harm can perfectionism cause?Being perfectionist may cause many problems. It can:cause you to have low self esteemstop you being happy
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Είστε μέσα σε μια πολύ στρεσογόνα σχέση και ψάχνετε τρόπους να χαλαρώσετε και να ηρεμήσετε; Το στρες πολλές φορές μπορεί να είναι έντονο και πιεστικό στην σχέση σας γιατί έχει να κάνει με την εσωτερική πάλη που βιώνετε με τον εαυτό σας και κατ’ επακόλουθο με το ταίρι σας… Μπορεί να προκαλέσει προβλήματα συγκέντρωσης και ύπνου ενώ μπορεί να επηρεάσει και τις άλλες κοινωνικές σας σχέσεις… τις σχέσεις σας με την οικογένεια σας και τους φίλους σας. Μάλιστα πρόσφατες έρευνες έδειξαν ότι το στρες μέσα στην σχέση μπορεί να προκαλέσει ακόμη και σοβαρά προβλήματα υγείας, όπως χρόνιους πονοκεφάλους, υψηλή αρτηριακή πίεση, δυσλειτουργία του ανοσοποιητικού συστήματος και υψηλό κίνδυνο για καρδιακό επεισόδιο. Read more

Are you suffering from social anxiety? Tips to overcome & meet new people…

Are you suffering from the fear of meeting new people? You prefer to stay alone and not allow to new faces  come in your life in case you get hurt and change your safe life…

That’s why some people are not successful in relationships…because they do not try to explore and meet more people before they enter into one. They just try to simply make do with what is available. There are others who have this fear of meeting new people. It is a common problem and it can be conquered. Here are some tips to help you get over your fear of meeting new people.

Learn how to conquer your anxiety.

Many people have this excessive anxiety when trying to meet new people or even strangers. Talking to one can easily make them stutter or break into a sweat. Social anxiety is a common problem among many people. Yet it can also be conquered by practice and with the proper motivation. One way to help relieve such anxieties is by practicing relaxation and calming techniques such as yoga, exercise or meditation. Visualization is also a good method of relieving anxiety by visualizing yourself talking to strangers. By practicing these techniques, you can begin to feel more relaxed and calm.

Develop a different mindset.

The worst enemy that anyone can have is oneself. Your problem with meeting new people may be because of the mindset that you are bound to get embarrassed or fail when doing so. All these negative thoughts and insecurities can cause you to stop yourself from meeting people. One way to prevent this is by trying to change your negative mindset into something positive. Instead of thinking how you might be embarrassed when you try to meet new people, try thinking of the new friends and experiences you would gain. It takes some practice but it will help you make that first step of banishing your social anxiety.

Take small steps towards improvement.

Thinking only of what you can do can only take you so far. What you need to do is put it into practice. Try challenging yourself by starting to meet new people. If meeting strangers are too risky for you, try to talk to someone in your neighborhood for starters. You can also try starting conversations with people you meet at the supermarket or that old lady you often recognize at the bus stop. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice talking to people you do not know, the lesser your social anxiety will become. 😀 


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improve your dating life

Having problems with your dating life? Is empty or each of your dating is failed? Some are trapped in a never-ending quest for that perfect date but cannot seem to find the right one. Sometimes to enjoy a better dating life, one needs to be a bit open to changes. Some people need to try things other than the usual to be successful. Here are some different things you can do to improve your dating life: 1. Meet new and different people. The harsh truth is there are some people who are much more successful in planning vacations, family events, or even what they are going to do this weekend, rather than managing their romantic life.

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