Love at first taste: Your tastebuds give you the perfect partner…

If you are looking for the perfect partner you must read this research about listening to your tastebuds and how help you to find the ideal love…

The study, which polled 12,000 people from around the world, revealed that flavour preferences not only decide whether we enjoy a spicy broth or a sweet soup, but are just as important when it comes to choosing a partner. Pairing complete strangers based on their love of the same flavours, the experiment revealed that spice and spice, salt and salt and sweet and sweet are indeed a match made in heaven.

Knorr love at first sight

A huge 80% of people said they are naturally more attracted to people who share similar tastes, with 33% saying they found it a turn-off when a date ordered a dish they disliked.

Food and flavours are a window to our character, and our flavour preferences offer a vital insight into our personality. So, it is no wonder that when pairing up, we seek soul-mates who are also eat-mates, who like the same food and flavours that we do.

Knorr love at first sight

When it comes to tasting the flavour, 48% of people would rather give up sex in exchange for being able to taste food, 70% would give up the right to vote and a huge 75% would give up social media.

If we think about it, flavour is what makes food such a pleasure and a part of many of life’s meaningful moments…. so eat and experience your taste to find your perfect love one!!! 😀 


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