Speed dating study shows that women are more picky…

Are women more choosy on date than men? What do you thing? Women are twice as choosy as men when they go speed dating, research suggests. Why might that be?

However, a recent study into speed dating habits concluded that if men and women go to an evening and have 22 separate dates, men are keen to see about five women again, while women would only choose to see two again, on average. That means that for every offer a woman makes, she has roughly a 50-50 chance that the man will want to see her again too. But for every offer a man makes, he only has a one in five chance that the desire to meet again is reciprocated.

The research was done by economists Michele Belot from the University of Edinburgh and her colleague Marco Francesconi from the University of Essex, who collected data from 84 speed dating events involving 3,600 people in the UK.

But why are men less fussy?

“This is something that evolutionary psychologists and biologists do recognise,” says Belot. “We know that across a whole range of behaviours women tend to take fewer risks.

“They relate this to the fact that making mistakes are much more costly for women than for men because of childbearing. So obviously if you make a mistake in dating the wrong man and having a relationship with the wrong man, you might have nine months carrying a child, then caring for a child. While for men, the costs are lower.”

“For both men and women, education and professional status matters. We found that women prefer taller men and men prefer slimmer women,” says Belot.

People marry people very similar to themselves – from the same socio-economic background for example. And economists argue that this stops social mobility between generations.

For instance, people from rich privileged backgrounds marry each other, while people from more disadvantaged backgrounds marry each other.

But speed dating shows that people are not too fixed in their views of who they should date, says Belot, if they are given the opportunity.

Finally which is your opinion? What do you thing about speed dating? Are women more picky with men?


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Monogamy VS Polygamy: Who win?

Are you monogamous or polygamous?How would you describe yourself?

I think that relationships don’t have to fit into any one model. They can look however you want them to, as long as everyone is consenting and being treated with respect. Monogamy is the norm. While monogamous relationships have a ton of health benefits, choosing not to be in a monogamous relationship doesn’t mean you’re doomed. 

There are three types of monogamy scientists now refer to based on their animal studies.

Sexual monogamy – the practice of having sex with only one mate at a time.

Social monogamy – when animals form pairs to mate and raise their offspring but still have flings on the side. (extra pair copulation in science talk)

Genetic Monogamy – when DNA testing confirms that a female’s offspring all come from one father.

For us human beings, social and sexual monogamy generally go together. This is not always so in other species. Studies now estimate that 90 percent of all birds are socially monogamous, living and raising young together, but frequently having sex with other partners.

As scientists continue to uncover clues about why certain animals stay loyal to a partner, the underlying reason for monogamy remains an open question. The most commonly accepted explanation is that monogamy evolved in situations where young are more likely to survive if both parents are involved in raising them. This might help explain why humans tend to be monogamous. No question that human children do take a long time to mature.

By nature it seems that humans are naturally polygamous. Although polyandry, a marriage of one woman to many men is rare, polygyny, the marriage of one man to many women is widely practiced in human societies. Humans, in fact, possess certain characteristics typical of non-monogamous species. Monogamous species are also monomorphic – meaning both males and females are the same size. Polygamous species are dimorphic– the male is larger than the female. Guess what comes next. Because human males are typically 10 percent taller and 20 percent heavier than females, it seems that humans have been mildly polygamous throughout history.

Neurobiological research has not necessarily supported the idea of sexual monogamy–but it has shown us that “social” monogamy is important.  We seem to be designed as social beings.  It makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint.  If we weren’t designed to seek out the company of others, our species might not survive.
Whatever type of relationship you choose is cool as long as you’re safe and happy… What do you think?  Is monogamy the sure path to “happiness”?  Or should we start considering non-monogamy a “viable” substitute for monogamy? 🙄 


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Sexting: Are you trendy enough?

Do you know what is sexting… is very famous word nowdays and it’s about  sending and receiving sexually explicit messages. In brief the main rules of sexting are: do it with someone you’re comfortable with, start slowly, respect boundaries, and pay attention to cues from the other person. And the big one: enjoy it!

These sexting guidelines will help charge up your sex life without putting a dent in your privacy:

Don’t sext with men you don’t know
Make this one of your dating rules — don’t even think about sexting with a man you haven’t met in person yet. What are the chances a new guy will think about anything but getting you in the sack when you play “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”? Hold off until you have gotten to know the guy better, and have been intimate to ensure a certain level of trust. It’s just a smart way to go.

Sexting as a foreplay

The right tone can put you two in a sexy mood hours before you see each other and set the stage for a passionate night. Just keep the texts short—you’re not writing a romance novel here—but spiked with juicy details.

Decide how comfortable you are

Sexting isn’t all bad, and if you’re into this level of digital sexiness, more power to you. Sexting can be exciting and fun and spice things up when you two aren’t able to be together. Just take some time to figure out what makes sense with your comfort level.

Be sure in person you’re cool

Make sure whatever you sext about is stuff that you would do or say in person. I know it’s easy to get way naughtier than normal when all you have to do is type a message  without seen each other but you must be cool if you receive a very spicy message


Likewise, a recent study turns out that sexting’s pretty commonplace. Eighty percent of study participants have received “sext” messages in the past; 67% admitted to sending them at some point; 64% have received racy pictures, and 47% of participants have sent sexy photos.

The majority of study participants admitted to rarely (less than three times per month) sending or receiving sext messages or photos. Plus, men report more positive experiences than women do, so that could explain why she’s holding back. Your relationship status might also be a factor. According to the study, individuals who are dating, in a serious relationship, and/or cohabiting sent more sexts and had more positive experiences with sexting than their single counterparts did.

According to the study, positive expectations correlate with more frequent sexting. So the more positive experiences you have, the more comfortable you’ll feel trying it again

So, if your problem is putting on the brakes–not slamming the accelerator–it might be time to take a leap of faith. 😎 

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Expansive posture: The attraction key on dating apps according to a new study…

When you are looking for a date on dating sites and generally on internet which is the first thing you check? Maybe, the key to success is a confident posture — well, at least in the initial stage.  That’s the finding of a study of speed dates and profiles on an online dating app.

The study, carried out by a team of researchers from the University of California in Berkeley, found men and women who sat with their body more “expansively” got more requests for a date than those who didn’t. Study  was effective for men and showed that people who extended their torsos, pushed out their legs and spread their arms wide generated more interest than those who hunched themselves up, and crossed their arms and legs.

However, the reason, the research team from the University of California in Berkeley believe, is because an expansive body is considered to express dominance and openness.

The name of the study was Dominant, open non-verbal displays are attractive at zero-acquaintance, and concerned people who were lonely and searching for love online.

“In a dating world in which success sometimes is determined by a split-second decision rendered after a brief interaction or exposure to a static photograph, single persons have very little time to make a good impression,” the research team says.

“Our research suggests that a non-verbal dominance display increases a person’s chances of being selected as a potential mate.”

So maybe it’s time to forget a good looking face and hot body and give focus on body language and posture… Pictures speak louder than words as an expansive posture profile photos can makes other users twice as likely to rate a person as attractive and an expansive posture defined as an enlargement of the amount of space that a person is occupying.

 In conclusion, people make decisions about attraction quickly when seeing a photo on a dating app or during a speed date. Having a confidence stance, therefore, impacts these initial seconds. 😉