A dating site helps Americans who don’t want to see Trump presidency…

Today we have a different news form dating world… As we know America is on rhythm of elections a lot of Americans people are angry with the controversial election of Donald Τrump… Does the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency make you want to move to Canada? Well, now you can. Or at least you can try and find a nice Canadian to help you live there…

A new Canadian dating website, “Maple Match,” promises to match Americans who want to flee a Trump presidency with Canadians who are looking for love. The  website is pledging to match Americans who can’t live with a Donald Trump presidency to Canadians looking for love, facilitating the pledge often made by U.S. voters to move to Canada if the real estate billionaire is elected.

Trump’s bombastic campaign to lead the Republican Party to the November presidential election has alarmed some Americans, both liberals and those in his own party, and the pledge by some to move to Canada if he is elected has gathered steam.

The Maple Match website allows users to add their name to a waitlist matching dismayed U.S. voters with interested single Canadian. The dating site was also active on Twitter, suggesting its matchmaking service would help Americans avoid the difficulties of gaining Canadian citizenship.

The website plays into American fears and threats of leaving the country should the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, win the general election this fall.

“Maple Match makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them for the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency,” the website reads. Back when George W. Bush was running for reelections, lots of Americans made noises about pulling up stakes and emigrating to Canada. It’s about a new dating site which  it’s the brainchild of a 25-year-old Texan named Joe Goldman whose site promises to “make dating great again.

Already, more than 10,000 people had visited the website and signed up for the waiting list…. What are you thinking about?