How to make him want you back again…

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HE DOESN’T WANT ME…You still love him but he doesn’t give you attention anymore Your feelings are still strong but he doesn’t seems feel same as you… Like it or not, all people go through a breakup or two during their lives. However, if you are asking how to make a guy want you back, it means that for you it’s not over yet. In this case you have to make sure that this is what you really want. There are a lot of tips and tactics that you can use to make guys want you and you can be sure that some (if not all) will work on him as well. TIPS TO MAKE HIM WANT YOU BACK.. Keep your distance When it comes to how to make a guy want you back fast is to show them the huge mistake they made when they let you go. 


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True love story: She flies 5,000 miles for first date with a men who met online & he foots the bill…

How says that online dating give you fake love and can not realize your dreams? Τhe following story proves the opposite. A woman has revealed she flew 5,000 miles across the world for a first date with a man she’d met online just 14 days earlier – and now travels the world with him, and he foots the bill. 

Lauren Levy, 35, from Louisiana, met Hani Alkoot, oil-worker 40, who lives in Kuwait, on a website that connects attractive singletons who want to travel with successful men who are generous enough to cover the cost.

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The pair decided to meet each other for a first time in Amsterdam to see whether their connection was as strong in real life. The sparks flew, and the couple have been travelling the world together ever since meeting last year, visiting three countries in 10 months.

Mr Alkoot pays for all Miss Levy’s travel expenses and has so far spent up to $12,000 (£8,400) on each trip – including five-star hotels, tickets to shows and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Αctually, Mr Alkoot pays for all Miss Levy’s travel expenses and has so far spent up to $12,000  on each trip – including five-star hotels, tickets to shows and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Miss Lauren said that she she was looking for a well-travelled and experienced man…. she met Mr Alkoot and they messaged every day for two weeks. After two weeks, he suggested flying her to Amsterdam, so she could join his 40th birthday celebration and that’s how it starts…  

‘We stayed in the bed of his apartment for a week and he stayed on the sofa – he was a real gentleman. Lauren says.’It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I never thought I would fly half way around the world for a stranger.’ Miss Levy told of how she felt nervous because they had a week to spend together. But after a few hours in each other’s company, the pair relaxed as if they had known each other for months. ‘We hit it off straight away and there was a real chemistry for friendship there, but I wasn’t sure romantically,’ said Miss Levy. ‘After a few days, he started to take my hand as we toured the city, and when I left we had a passionate kiss goodbye. ‘I knew this was something I wanted to pursue.’

Once Miss Levy got back to the US, she kept in constant contact with Mr Alkoot, concocting ambitious plans for their next destination. 

They call it travelship because they live far away and they can’t wait for their next travel together… 😛 

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