Women love “Bad Boys”… but why?

Have you ever wonder why women attracted to “bad boys”? Is it that “mystery” that they usually  carry on their character and their style appearance? Why can’t  just let them go?

 What is it about bad boys that even entices the most logical of girls? A study from The University of British Colombia proved that women are much more attracted to men who carry proud and/or angry expressions. Men who were all smiles received little to no love. And bad boys usually seem mysterious or just mean. Have you ever seen a bad boy smile and expose a more tender side to their personality? Definitely not.

They chase what they can’t get: Nothing turns a woman off more than a needy partner. After all if a guy kept running after a woman then she will assume that he is desperate and because women are biologically wired to get attracted to the strong man that needy type turns them off completely.

It’s a challenge: Most women want a challenge that can help them get a self esteem boost. Noting can make a woman feel better about herself than taming that wild guy who isn’t emotionally available. In other words, women go for these men hoping to change them to the better but they usually find themselves stuck.

It’s this  inexplicable reason: When we can’t figure him out, but we want to. We don’t know what he feels, but we won’t stop until we figure it out. And of course there’s the game playing.

They bring out your wild side: Bad boys are bad, which means that they are also wild. Who better to bring out our wild sides than a man who can’t be tamed.

A good way to go against your parents: You can rebel against your parents? Date a bad boy! That’s one reason why women find them so appealing, especially when we are teenage girls. “

“Oozing” Masculinity: Bad guys almost always win over nice guys because they’re oozing with masculinity and palpable sex appeal. It’s the fearlessness exuding in bad guys that hook women up. Most women are attracted to tough, dangerous and strong guys because it means they can’t be pushed over or manipulated.

They give excitment: Bad boys are anything but predictable. They ride motorcycles and they take risks, they won’t call a woman for days and then they’ll call her out of the blue. While it doesn’t make sense, this is exciting to woman and women respond to this sort of behavior like moths to a flame. 😎 😎