January 19, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Stay together… spending time apart…

You think because you are in a relationship  you have to do everything together? It’s nice doing things together but not all the time… You shouldn’t be defined by a relationship.  Sometimes we forget this and then it leads to obsession. You must not forget that you also have your own hobbies, likes and searches… Of course when you are in a relationship you need to spend time together but a little time apart only makes you appreciate each other more.

Spending time apart gives each person time to decompress, to be themselves and to be secure with their identity outside of the relationship. You definitely want your boyfriend to have some alone time and you should welcome the chance to relax alone yourself.

Do you remember when you were still getting to know each other and there was some mystery? Spending time apart not only allows you to miss each other more, but it also bring back some of the mystery to keep things interesting. It’s not healthy to always keep tabs on them and know where they are or who they’re with. If you were always with them and knew everything about them, you’d get bored fast.

Doing things about yourself. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the other person that you forget about yourself. Taking a break from your partner will allow you to do the things you want to do. Even though you are a couple, you need to keep doing the things you did before you were with them. When you pick up hobbies that you can do solo, you’ll be able to bring home new skills that will wow your partner.

Less stress. Taking a break from your partner can be freeing because you won’t have to worry about them all the time. If you’ve been fighting with your partner, this is the perfect time for both of you to cool down and relax.

Achieve your goals. Remember that at the end of the day, you are the most important person in your life. Some time apart from your partner allows you to succeed in your career because you can devote more focus and energy to it. If your partner is understanding, they will be able to wait for you.

 Have more things to talk about. Both of you have lives outside the relationship. By not spending every waking second together, you’re experience things separately too. This will give you a chance to enrich your own lives, share stories with them and bring more to the relationship to make it better.

More time to spend with friends and family. They are also really important relationships in your life and should be treated as such. Your partner may be awesome, but they cannot fill in all your other relationships.

Your relationship needs to “breathe”. Spending time apart doesn’t help only you but also your partner and totaly your relationship so give time to you and to your partner and you will definately stay together…


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