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Single parent: How can you try online dating

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Are you a single parent and you want to refresh your personal life with a new date? The thing is that you prefer a reflexible way so that you don’t spend much time away from your child. Using an online dating service is a great way to screen potential dates without having to take the time to leave your home. You might even find other single parents to date—people who are going through the same things you are! Here are some useful tips for single parents dating online: 1.Be honest in your profile, do not lie about your age, relationship status, parental status, income or—well—anything! Remember, the truth will always come out anyway, why not be honest up front and save yourself quite a lot of stress (wondering when the truth will come out can take a lot out of a person)!

2. It is okay to post a photo or two of yourself online but you should not post photos of your kids on your online dating profile. Sadly, there are a lot of pedophiles, perverts and creeps out there that are just looking for their next victims. Putting up photos of your kids can open you up to those creeps—and they are good at pretending to be normal people. Don’t put the temptation out there!

3. Be honest about being a single parent. You don’t have to go on and on about your kids in your online dating profile (remember, no photos!) but do not deny your kids’ existence either! All you have to do is list yourself as a single/divorced parent. You don’t need to offer extensive explanations of your situation or descriptions of your kids. A simple sentence will suffice.

4. Be brief in your profile. This is something that most people who search for tips for dating single parents online and online dating parents advice forget. It can be tempting to go on and on about you, your kids, your single parent status, your ex, why you got divorced, etc. Resist! Answer the profile questions simply and honestly. Save the exposition for when you find a potential match!

5. Take your time in getting to know someone who you find though a dating single parents online portal. Get to know each other through e-mails, then the phone and then through meetings in neutral places. Make sure you feel safe around the person and trust the person before you bring him or her home to meet your kids. This is one of the tips for dating single parents online and online dating parents advice points that should help keep you and your kids safe from online predators.
Finding dates online no longer carries with it the social stigma that it once did and tips for dating single parents online are abundant. The basic rule of thumb is this: go slowly and trust your gut. If, at any point, something feels wrong about the person you are getting to know, cut them loose and move on!


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