January 26, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Signs if he likes you…

Are you “dying” to know if he likes you? You can’t explain exactly his feelings and you wanna know what he really feels about you. Some guys can be hard to read. Not as hard as women, but still a challenge but if you want to know if a guy likes you, you have to pay attention to what he says and what he does when you’re hanging out. So here are some important signs showing  you that a guy likes you:

1. He calls and texts you a lot – if a guy or man is quite interested in you, he will make any excuses to call you so he can talk to you even for a couple of minutes. He will also send you simple greeting messages on your mobile phone such as good morning, good night, etc

2. He knows every detail about you – when a guy has a special feelings on you, he will make his own research about you. He may ask information with your mutual friends about your favorite color, food, place, birthday, and many more. Through that information he can think better idea on how to win your heart or attention.

3.  He loves to surprise you – he may give you simple gifts to surprise you such as flowers, chocolates, etc.

4. He will ask you to go on a date with him – no matter how shy he is, if he really likes you he will definitely ask you for a date. He will do this so he can spend time to know you better.

5. He will confess his true feelings for you – when he gain enough confidence or guts, he will surely tell you that he likes you. But, he will only say those words if he can see that you also like him. It is because he might afraid of rejection. In short, he will wait for the perfect timing before he will tell you that he likes you so much.

6.Guys love embarrassing each other, so if you walk into the room and you see his best mate nudging him and laughing it translates into “he is in love with you”

7.He compliments you or gives you unexpected gifts just because… it can be a box of chocolate, flowers or anything…unexpected gifts are definitely signs that a guy likes you.

8.When he ‘can’t get his eyes out of you’, just notice, does he look at you whatever you do and when you look up he looks down or away?

9.Another sign that he is into you and he wants to go further with you is when he opens up to you about his family, this way the guy, kind of, exposes himself to you.

10.If a guy lets you know about his personal life…and you never asked…he let’s you know that he is single and he show you thst he want to go on a relationship…


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