November 26, 2015 Harriet Brookes Is a Canada-based dating website and offers three relationship option with profiles for each: Dating, Relationship and Intimate. Profile

With more than ten million members and well over a million messages exchanged every day, Lavalife is a well-rounded dating site with many options for singles of all sexual orientations, as well as people looking for dating, long term relationships or casual flings. Lavalife was one of the first sites that offered the ability to add an account in one, two or all three of their different sections: Dating, Relationships and Intimate Encounters. Lavalife members can even choose different profiles, pictures and handles in each of the sections, guaranteeing anonymity if required. offers three communities, ranging from fully committed, serious relationships to short-term hookups, and its extensive search functions mean that you can be quite picky about the features of your potential dates.



How it works

You can join any or all of the three communities – dating, relationships and/or intimate encounters – and start meeting people on your chosen levels.

You’ll need to create a separate profile for each community that you join. You can have a lot of fun with this, and whether or not you choose a different username for each one is totally up to you. The main thing is that being able to create separate profiles means you can focus on the aspects of your personality that matter most in each community, so each profile is more relevant.

Lavalife Profiles are fairly detailed and include a main photo – all the usual features you’d expect at a leading dating site. So far, so ordinary, but again, Lavalife has something unique. Each profile has a “backstage” – a page where you can post up additional photos, video clips and so on. No one can view these pages unless you issue them a “backstage pass,” so you’re free to post more or less whatever you like here.

Searching through Lavalife profiles is easy. For basic searches, you’ll find convenient one-click search options (for instance, “local, within 5 years of my age”). One simple feature that I really like (often lacking at other dating sites) is that search tools are always “right there” so you don’t have to leave where you are to use them. Custom searches let you be much more specific about the type of person you’re looking for. You can name and save these searches to run another time.



How much does it cost?

Reply to messages for free.  You can reply to emails and instant messages from paying members without subscribing. However, sending messages does require a paid subscription, starting at $20 for one month and decreasing in cost per month for longer periods.

Reviewers are impressed with the variety of ways to connect with singles, including online chat, video clips and instant messaging. Anonymous phone contact and mobile access are also available for an extra fee; you can also highlight your profile and position it at the top of the search results (Est. $3 each per month or both for $5 per month).



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