January 15, 2016 Harriet Brookes

How to spot a “serial dater”…

Have you ever heart the phrase “serial dater”? What exactly means? A serial dater is a person who has a large number of short term romantic, physical or sexual relationships, but seems unable to commit or remain in a romance relationship for any length of time… Serial daters replace the comfort and intimacy of a “serious relationship” with a patchwork of relationships, often getting physical relations or intimacy, excitement or variety, friendship, and companionship from different people. 

When you meet them, they will tell you that they really don’t warm up to a lot of people, but they feel such a connection with you and would like to get to know you better. They chat you up on instant messenger or text constantly for a couple of weeks and then bam, nothing.

 However, serial daters often use a number of different dating methods to attain their high level of social interaction with the opposite sex. In fact, any new type of dating technique is an opportunity to seek romance and companionship. Serial daters might use different types of dating relationships such as online dating, one night phone dating, traditional bar dating, phone dating, spid dating, blind dating or expiration dating e.tc.

We  compiled a list of all of the ways that can tell us if  someone is a serial dater:

1.Anything but relationship: While serial daters might at first seem to give your relationship a lot of attention, this will disappear after the initial excitement phase. They will fail to follow through on promises to call or arrange to get together – other people or activities always seem to be more important.

2.Love sex. Serial daters are more interested in pursuing sexual pleasure than in nurturing an emotional intimacy that includes sex. Doesn’t seem too interested in getting to know you and steers the conversation always to sex in any chance…

3.Interests focused just around money.  This is another sign that could be a serial dater. What type of date it go on or how expensive or inexpensive it is? This are things that a serial dater cares about…The diary of a serial dater is always ‘too full’ to commit to a definite date with you. Must be the world’s busiest person, because can’t seem to commit to anything more than a few hours in advance.  Worst case scenario might even make plans and cancel at the last minute.  Loves to talk about his work above all other topics.  The reason behind this is that they are married to their jobs, which is why they aren’t married to a person).

4.They always know the latest buzz on where the trendy bars and restaurants are– often even before they are open (the serial dater is always more excited to be seen at hot spots than spending time with someone he could potentially share his life with).

5.You’ve spotted on several different online dating sites. Online dating is inexpensive these days giving people the opportunity to keep their options open. Look out for people who have joined many sites and not just one dedicated site. Also if you insist him/her removes  profile from where you met after a couple of dates, don’t be surprised if this person signs up somewhere else.
6.He checks out other women in front of you. This has got to be the worst type of serial dater and especcialy we refer to men serial daters. He hasn’t managed to tame his roving eye. To him the world is forever his oyster. So even whilst he is out with you he is considering his other options. Beware if he is also overly flirtatious and charming with the other ladies while he’s with you.

If you see a number of these traits popping up… keep your calm down..you are in front of a serial dater. Don’t run away with your thoughts, and if needed, move on quickly…


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