May 30, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Follow our Summer Fitness Date Bucket List…

Summer is finally here and our mood change… Also dates are different in summer… are more romantic and you have more things to do… you can travel together, go vacations and spend more time out with your new date…

Are you planning some dates this summer? Here’s a challenge for you—try our Summer Fitness Date bucket list, with 10 fun, fit activities to do with your date. You’ll be feeling better than ever, and you’ll have a partner to hold you accountable. Plus, these dates will be so fun, you might forget you’re exercising!

1.Map a new running route and go for a running date on the boardwalk or through some trails.

2. Try AcroYoga for some partner work and trust building.

3. Try a hike neither of you has been to before, whether it’s in your neighborhood or a road-trip away


4. Go for a night swim (because why not?!).

5. Rent kayaks (or a tandem kayak), pack a picnic, and kayak to a park or beach for lunch.

6. Go for a bike ride through your city or a new one!

7. Take a dancing lesson together, like tango or salsa!

8. Plan a camping or backpacking trip.

9. Learn to surf together. Being out in the ocean will turn up the adrenaline

10. Going on vacation? Go snorkeling or scuba diving, just the two of you

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