April 14, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Expansive posture: The attraction key on dating apps according to a new study…

When you are looking for a date on dating sites and generally on internet which is the first thing you check? Maybe, the key to success is a confident posture — well, at least in the initial stage.  That’s the finding of a study of speed dates and profiles on an online dating app.

The study, carried out by a team of researchers from the University of California in Berkeley, found men and women who sat with their body more “expansively” got more requests for a date than those who didn’t. Study  was effective for men and showed that people who extended their torsos, pushed out their legs and spread their arms wide generated more interest than those who hunched themselves up, and crossed their arms and legs.

However, the reason, the research team from the University of California in Berkeley believe, is because an expansive body is considered to express dominance and openness.

The name of the study was Dominant, open non-verbal displays are attractive at zero-acquaintance, and concerned people who were lonely and searching for love online.

“In a dating world in which success sometimes is determined by a split-second decision rendered after a brief interaction or exposure to a static photograph, single persons have very little time to make a good impression,” the research team says.

“Our research suggests that a non-verbal dominance display increases a person’s chances of being selected as a potential mate.”

So maybe it’s time to forget a good looking face and hot body and give focus on body language and posture… Pictures speak louder than words as an expansive posture profile photos can makes other users twice as likely to rate a person as attractive and an expansive posture defined as an enlargement of the amount of space that a person is occupying.

 In conclusion, people make decisions about attraction quickly when seeing a photo on a dating app or during a speed date. Having a confidence stance, therefore, impacts these initial seconds. 😉 






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