Sex toys help your relationship & your health…

Have you ever use sex toys? How often do you use them? Are helpful for your sexual life?

The question of the day is are these toys just for fun or are there other benefits as well? One of the biggiest is who if anyone would receive them? Believe it or not your relationship status comes into play.

For single people in addition to the good feelings there are a few interesting health benefits:

  •   Stress relief since endorphins are released in the brain during orgasm.
  •   It burns calories! While it is known that a sex session burns a good amount of calories the same is true when using a vibrator. Maybe not as many as an hour or so with a partner but it increases your heart rate. This has the same benefit as an hour long cardio workout and it sure as hell is more enjoyable than going to the gym?
  • Remember those endorphins which reduce stress? They can also help you to cope with pain be it physical or emotional.

So if you’re a single lady knock yourself using a sex toy,it’s a great way to get your orgasm and improve your health at the same time.

What if you are in a relationship though? Can they help there as well? The answer is a resounding yes.

One of the main benefits is that it adds a new dimension to what can become a routine. Even though we might not like to admit it the longer you’re in a relationship the more of a “chore” sex can become. Some people still find it hard to talk about what it is they really want when it comes to sex since this will avoid hurting the feelings of their partner but it surprising how people can lose their inhibitions when sex toys are used. They will make things become more adventurous in the bedroom. I myself enjoy using my toys while my partner watches or they use them on me as well. In addition to being a bit different it adds the “feeling” of a third person which some couples may want to explore later.

As you can see, the benefits of using sex toys far outweigh any disadvantages whether you are single or in a relationship. If you’re a single lady keep up what you’re doing. If you are in a relationship and currently don’t use toys talk to your partner and bring them in slowly.

Just remember that the biggest reason to use a sex toy is quite simply because they are fun so why not?


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Pearling: New sex trend…

Do you know what is pearling? Is a new, latest sex trend that came up.  There’s nothing new under the sun, but “pearling” is something doctors are warning others not to do. While pearling might sound like the sport of seeking pearls inside of oysters, this type of pearling is far from that practice.

There’s a Sex and the City episode where Samantha Jones wears a pearl thong, compliments of her boyfriend Richard. She’s thrilled at first. The beads tickle her vagina and arouse her to no end. But, when she runs in said pearly thongs, the experience is less than pleasant.

That’s kind of what happens when you’ve “pearled.”

Pearling involves putting plastic beads inside the penis via the skin of the penis. When you pearl, more parts of the genitals are stimulated; therefore it aids in a man’s arousal. It also titillates a man’s lover — vaginally and anally — and stimulates the clitoris.

Taking schlong enhancement to strange new levels, men are popping pearls into their penises to help them pleasure women. Genital beading involves inserting a small ball, often made of plastic or metal, beneath the skin of the penis via a small incision.

It apparently makes women “go mad with pleasure” because it stimulates the clitoris, but this could be a myth as the pearl is usually placed at the tip of the penis while it should be placed at the base to really stimulate the area.

The procedure, also known as pearling, is a form of body modification similar to inserting a subdermal implant, but alarmingly the surgery is usually performed at-home and without proper hygiene precautions.

The bizarre sex trend is becoming increasingly prevalent in Cuba, according to Vice Spain, as well as Australia and the Philippines.

It’s most common among young men in the military, sailors and convicts. And while nowadays men are choosing to insert the pearls for sexual satisfaction, the craze is said to have originated in Asia with Yakuza members performing pearling during their stints in prison.

But, it’s a very bad idea! Pearling can cause chronic pain, infection and damage to the urethra. Over time it can even cause erectile dysfunction. So if you want to experiment with sex, skip pearling all together and venture into sex toys like anal thongs or anal beads. It’s the safer choice. For those done at home, the health risks increase exponentially, because the person is often untrained about the anatomy of a penis, how deep to make the incisions, what types of tools to use and how to sanitise them properly.


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Marriage & sex: The frequency is important?

Yesterday  I was having dinner with a group of friends. Most were married, but there were a handful of singles. Somehow the discussion turned to the frequency of married sex. The conversation was driven by the singles—ones that longed to eventually be married—who were curious. How many times a week? How many times a month?


The frequency of sex among married couples depends on how old they are. One survey looked at the sex lives of married people by age. They found that:

1.Between 18-29, married people had sex 112 times a year, or a little over twice a week.

2.Between 30-39, they had sex 86 times a year, or about seven times a month.

3.Between 50-59, they had sex 69 times a year, or a little under six times a month.

Sex appears to declines further as couples get older. Although frustrated married people can romanticize the sex lives of swinging singles, studies show that married people have more sex than single people. While married people 18-29 have sex over nine times a month, single people average a little under six a month. It makes sense — married people have a potential sexual partner in bed with them every night. Singles often sleep alone.

Although, another research about happiness and sex in couples shows that more frequent sex is not always associated with greater happiness and that it’s important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, without having sex everyday, as long as you’re maintaining that connection, we believe that sex is one of the bigger element in relationships. It keeps the flame alive and gives the strength to continue with love and hapiness to a long distance common life…

They are also spreading the urban legend that sex is best when you have plenty of it with plenty of partners. But, one of the best kept secrets, not even in the romantic hideaways of ski lodges or beach resorts.  The best sex is not sex in the city but is in the bedrooms of people who are married for life. Don’t believe it?

Only in the latter and most sexually boring category (no sex or sex only a few times per year) do non-married adults rate higher than their married counterparts. In other words, married couples have sex far more frequently than single or cohabiting adults.

Is There a Normal Amount?

No. It depends on each individual couple. There may be an average amount, but no “normal.” I have seen surveys suggesting an average frequency of sex for married couples to be around a couple of times a month (once every 7-10 days). That doesn’t mean that this is a number to aspire to or judge your marriage upon. What is normal and overwhelming are marriages with at least one partner who doesn’t think they are doing it enough.

The key to a healthy sexual marriage is finding a frequency that works for both of you. It takes a sacrificial love for one another. Investment grows desire. One partner with a low sex drive may need to initiate, even when they don’t feel like it. Interestingly, having sex regularly raises the level of testosterone which increases desire.

It’s like exercising. The more it’s done, the higher the desire becomes to do it. On the other hand, the other partner may need to sacrifice their expectations and sexual needs. There has to be a meeting somewhere in the middle. All of this comes down to communication and to understanding. Talk and listen to one another. Seek to know each other, serve each other and love before being loved.


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How to be a better kisser…

The best part of a date is the part of the kiss... Do you agree? But you must know that a good kiss need a technic. A lot of people worry about if they are a good kisser or not and there could be more reason to brush up on your kissing skills than you thought. Scientists now believe that kissing is far more than just the pressing of lips together; it’s actually the way that we decide on the genetic compatibility of potential mates. Kissing is so important that most people remember their first kiss better than they remember losing their virginity. If you are worried that your kissing technique is not up to scratch, read these tips on how to be a better kisser.

1.Close your eyes

Kissing with your eyes closed doesn’t mean that your thoughts are elsewhere. Far from it; keeping your eyes closed when you kiss lets you focus your mind completely in the experience. Kissing isn’t just about the lips, it’s about being close to a person, and closing your eyes will mean that are no distractions that will get in the way of that.

2.Don’t just kiss on the mouth

Remember that you can kiss other places as well as the lips. You can always kiss him on the neck, the shoulders, or gently kiss him in the eyelids. Move around and find out what you and your date are both comfortable with. It will stop the kissing becoming too much of the same thing. Trust your instincts and try and gauge his reaction too. You’ll know it when you’re doing the right thing.

3.Use your hands. One of good tips on how to be a better kisser is to use your hands. What you do with your hands will make a big difference to your kissing technique. Don’t be shy, and leave your hands dangling at your sides, pull your man closer to you and let your hands wander to his neck, his waist, or run your fingers through his hair. It will make your kissing a far more pleasurable experience for both of you.

4. Less is sometimes better

When the time feels right, you can explore your kiss with your tongue too, but start off slow and gentle. French kissing is a highly charged sexual moment, but you can ruin it if you go too far too soon. Start with the tip of your tongue and alternate between French kissing and gentle kissing on the lips. Anticipation is just as arousing as the actual thing.

5. Add a little pressure

Next tip on how to be a better kisser is to add a little pressure. Let us explain…Adding pressure to your kisses will allow you get closer and deeper, but don’t overdo it and crush his lips. Holding him tight and close will blow him away, but you don’t want to loosen his fillings in the process!

And finally relax and enjoy it!!!


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3 things men find irresistible in a woman

Which is the type of women you can’t resist… the women that you can’t take your eyes off her… 

Additionally, a man may not have the ability to pinpoint exactly what it is about a woman that he finds sexy – he just knows what’s sexy when he sees it. Worst of all, one man’s opinion usually does not represent the opinion of the majority of men – one man may be fixated on breasts, another might be a leg man, and another might have a foot fetish, and so on.

Here are some simple yet often overlooked things that the majority of men find irresistible in a woman. They are as follows:

Smile. Believe it or not, one of the top things that a man finds sexy in a woman is something that’s well within your reach. And that is, your smile. A university study was conducted a few years ago, wherein the main objective was to find out exactly what men meant when they described women as “cute” or “attractive”.

Approachability . When it comes to attracting men, you must appear approachable, but not easy. This is a fine balance that you must learn to achieve, particularly if you want to attract the right kind of man. If you appear too approachable, you’ll attract opportunistic men who have all the wrong motives — and you’ll turn off the more desirable men who prefer a more discriminating woman. A man wants to know that he can comfortably initiate a conversation with you without becoming unduly intimidated and without getting sweaty palms — and know that you’ll be receptive to him.

Approachability, as a factor of sex appeal, includes not just your attitude and aura, but also your look. Women who appear as though they went to great lengths to look flawless. This is why supermodels, movie stars and some of the world’s most gorgeous women often find themselves without dates or male suitors. They look intimidating, not inviting. He wants lips he can kiss spontaneously without running the risk of the woman saying, “Don’t kiss me — I just put on my lipstick” – or kissing her and smearing messy lip product all over her face and his. They prefer women who won’t have a heart attack if someone accidentally spilled a little wine on their blouse or if they had to sit in the front row at the movies because the theater is too crowded.

There is a quality that always magnetizes a man to a woman — even if she isn’t the most beautiful, the one with the sexiest body, the smartest – and even if she isn’t his type. The ability to be at ease, to act comfortable with yourself in the presence of the opposite sex, is irresistible. Now this is easy with men you’re not interested in but harder with someone you find attractive.

Laugher. Men always want to know that they can make a woman happy. Therefore, a woman who laughs easily (but not excessively) is often irresistible to a man When a woman indicates that a man makes her happy, the man begins to feel confident, becomes more interested, and wants to please her even more. If he senses that he can’t make her happy, he moves on.


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Awesome ideas for a date night out…

Are you going to have a new date tonight, but you don’t know where to go so that you can impress her? Here are some awesome date night ideas for an unforgetable night with your new date…

Choose a restaurant that has small tables, or ask to sit side by side, so you can’t help but rub knees.

Try brunch and a matinee: Your neighborhood’s fancier restaurants are way more affordable (and just as delicious) in the daytime hours.

Find a restaurant with a dance floor. Even if you’ve got less coordination than a Dancing With the Stars early round reject, you can still hold each other close and sway to the beat.

Have a gourmet picnic. Cruise the aisles of your supermarket and load your cart with whatever epicurean delights you can find: lobster salad, good quality chocolate, wine or fizzy grape juice, gourmet crackers, gooey cheeses, and so on. Now head for the most romantic spot in town. If it’s too cold or wet to eat alfresco, why not try the atrium at the local zoo, botanical gardens, museum, or mall?

Plan a hush-hush romantic “mystery night.” One of you makes all the arrangements and just tells the other where and when you’ll meet.  The destination can be anything from dinner at a nice restaurant to a scavenger hunt with you as the prize. It’s not the venue that makes the evening special, but the anticipatory thrill that comes with not knowing what’s coming next.

Spend the day at a weird and wild festival: mashed potato wrestling, a chicken plucking competition, a cardboard boat race, or a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Go for laughs. The best movie for date night is a comedy. 

See an improv show.  Not only is attending these shows generally way cheaper than buying seats for “traditional” theater, the improvisers often ask for audience participation—and sell beer in the back. 

Go to a fancy bar and dress up. 

Get dressed up, go to a fancy bar (hotel bars are an easy choice), and try something off the exotic cocktails list.

Go to a fancy bar and dress up. 

Get dressed up, go to a fancy bar (hotel bars are an easy choice), and try something off the exotic cocktails list. But think about before you do that because some ladies heat motorbikes, especially when they are dress up with their sexy dress…

Go for clubbing. Dress atractive and show her your dance abilities.


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5 top sex tips to please your girlfriend…

Do you know which are best 5 foreplay sex tips to please your lovely girlfriend? Here they are:

1.Try this great warmup

 The precoital massage: As a warmup to the main event, start by massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles. Then focus on the feet, kneading her heels and all other points beneath. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually. Of course, if her impeccable hygiene encourages you to suck her toes, you’ll have her in ecstasy.

2. Ask what turns her on

Come right out and ask what she likes during sex. “Most women appreciate men who want to make sure they’re satisfied,” says Barbara Bartlik, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at Cornell University. “If she notices you’re working hard to please her, she’ll be more likely to return the favor.” And tell us: Is there a better place to develop your work ethic?

3. Best position for hitting the G-spot

Most experts say that G-spot stimulation works best when you do it by hand, since it allows for more subtle manipulation. But that means less fun for you. To get at her G-spot during intercourse, enter her doggy-style from the rear.

4.Kissing keeps her going

You’re close, really close, but you’re forgetting what got you here in the first place. Just remember that passionate kissing doesn’t always mean frantically swabbing out her tonsils. Try to mix up your tongue play with the occasional closed-mouth kiss on her nose, eyes, and forehead.

5.Reward her bravery

When she initiates the action, make an extra effort to please her sexually and to let her know how much you approve. Tell her you loved her initiation. Sometimes women wonder if you’re going to perceive initiation as negative or if it might make you uncomfortable.

Go where she goes: The best places to meet your dream women…

 Are you wondering where are all the beautifull women? Where should you go to meet  your dream girl? Have you ever thought to go where they go?

Here are the places for meeting beautifull ladies:

Eating Alone at a Restaurant

Eating at the bar and an upscale restaurant is a great way to meet women. Just show up, in your sport coat and situate yourself next to the pretty single lady eating alone. If she has a magazine and turns your back to you, she’s not interested. If you’re in a hotel bar and she’s wearing a mini skirt and lets you know she isn’t wearing any panties – she’s probably a hooker. If she’s looking around, making eye contact with you and actually consuming food not just martini olives, she is hoping you’ll buy her a drink, talk to her and ask her out. No really. She’s there because she wants to meet the man of her dreams. That man could be you.


Dance, Pilates or Yoga Classes

Group fitness classes are great for meeting women. You’ll not only work muscles you didn’t even know you had, but also be in heaven for an hour in the midst of hot, barely-dressed, sweat-glistening girls. If you’ve never been to a workout class, don’t be afraid of looking silly. The ladies will think you’re brave for trying something new. Just don’t overdo it and hurt yourself. Let’s face it, where else can you go where men are out- numbered by lean, strong, flexible women 10 to 1. If you’re hitting the gym classes to meet girls be sure to go after work hours. Lunchtime classes are for housewives. Nighttime is the right time for meeting available women. Also, any dance class that requires a partner, like swing or tango, is a sure bet. Just show up and they’ll match you with another single.


Weddings, Parties, Etc.

Don’t worry if you’re invited to a wedding and you don’t have a date. Weddings are a great place to meet girls. Everyone’s celebrating love, drinking and dancing the night away. They’re a fantastic breeding ground for romance. Or, at least a drunken fling in the coat check room. Weddings and other parties are wonderful because you already have something in common with all the female guests – you have a mutual friend who invited you.

Shopping In a Department Store

Warning: do not try this unless you are very charming. This approach takes a lot of balls. Pretend you’re shopping for your sister or some other imaginary non-threatening woman, like your executive assistant, or something. Ask an attractive female shopper, who is browsing near you, for her opinion on what you should buy as a gift.



I know there’s still a lingering stigma to online dating. But, I’ve done it with success. I’m not saying get your credit card out and join a generic dating website. There are too many weeds to sort through and those sites that pair you according to some dumb quiz you take are pretty useless if you ask me. When it comes to matters of the heart, there are no standardized tests. I also don’t recommend spending thousands of dollars on an overpriced “matchmaker” that is just going to throw a bunch of girls at you and hope that one sticks. Instead, know the kind of girl you want and go on a website that caters to that woman. If you know what kind of girl you want, there is a website out there to find her.

A dating site helps Americans who don’t want to see Trump presidency…

Today we have a different news form dating world… As we know America is on rhythm of elections a lot of Americans people are angry with the controversial election of Donald Τrump… Does the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency make you want to move to Canada? Well, now you can. Or at least you can try and find a nice Canadian to help you live there…

A new Canadian dating website, “Maple Match,” promises to match Americans who want to flee a Trump presidency with Canadians who are looking for love. The  website is pledging to match Americans who can’t live with a Donald Trump presidency to Canadians looking for love, facilitating the pledge often made by U.S. voters to move to Canada if the real estate billionaire is elected.

Trump’s bombastic campaign to lead the Republican Party to the November presidential election has alarmed some Americans, both liberals and those in his own party, and the pledge by some to move to Canada if he is elected has gathered steam.

The Maple Match website allows users to add their name to a waitlist matching dismayed U.S. voters with interested single Canadian. The dating site was also active on Twitter, suggesting its matchmaking service would help Americans avoid the difficulties of gaining Canadian citizenship.

The website plays into American fears and threats of leaving the country should the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, win the general election this fall.

“Maple Match makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them for the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency,” the website reads. Back when George W. Bush was running for reelections, lots of Americans made noises about pulling up stakes and emigrating to Canada. It’s about a new dating site which  it’s the brainchild of a 25-year-old Texan named Joe Goldman whose site promises to “make dating great again.

Already, more than 10,000 people had visited the website and signed up for the waiting list…. What are you thinking about?

25 Flaming HOT Sex Tips to keep passion alive!

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or just dating at the moment, these sex tips are something that will help you keep passion alive and burning!

  • Don’t ignore his nipples…
  • Men like daring women so go explore and take initiatives sexually!
  • Women love massages, candles, soft words and a man who caresses them.
  • Men adore lingerie and a woman who loves wearing it.
  • They ALSO enjoy it when she “accidentally” forgets to wear it while out for the evening.
  • Booze-less sex is better! Drunken Sex means your senses are not as alive and there are good chances he won’t remember you the next day!
  • Make time for daytime sex! Sex before bed can become a routine, plus you are usually too tired to get creative…
  • Sext!
  • Always listen to what your partner says they enjoy during sex- they say it for a reason.
  • connect, listen, be there: that’s how you will read each other’s feeling and you will not have to ask.
  • After your man gets home from work, bring him a drink. He needs time to unwind, not 50 questions.

  • Men: after your orgasm sex is NOT over!
  • Scream out every now and then-let the neighbors get jealous. It is ok.
  • Don’t ask someone if they would like to have sex! Be bold people!
  • Complement your partner and make them feel really good about themselves, especially their bodies (for women and men!)
  • Shave her legs or paint her toenails every so often- you will surprised of what may follow…
  • Dress sexy for them, even at home. Especially at home…
  • Tell each other what you desire in bed. Guide each other with your hands. You are human, not a starfish. So don’t just lie there.
  • Confidence is the biggest turn on!
  • Take your time during sex; don’t be in a rush for the finish line. Let yourself be surprised of what new might happen, even if you are together for years. Especially if you are together for years!
  • Don’t assume that one orgasm is all they are good for. (That goes for men too, ladies.)
  • Have sex outside the friggin bedroom!
  • Make-out on the couch, elevator or the car like a teenager if you’ve been together for a while.
  • Tell them often that you love and want them. Don’t assume they know. Like confidence, honestly spoken words like that can be the biggest turn on…
  • Read or watch something sexy together to spice things up if you feel like your sex life is becoming repetitive.

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