Swinging: Would you ever try it?

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A new modern way of sexual freedom for couples called swinging is came up before some years and a lot of couples said why not… While the term “swinging” may be a throwback to the 70s and the days of Plato’s Retreat, more and more modern couples are hooking up with other couples, either informally or through networks or clubs.  And, of course, like all things online, the Internet has amplified these opportunities and made it easier to find couples and clubs in a neighborhood near you. As with most sexual activities, there haven’t been many studies into the prevalence of swinging – and many people who do it don’t necessarily want to admit it – but some experts believe that there could be as many 15 million Americans swinging on a regular basis. Chances are you have a friend or neighbor who is swinging. Read more

Are you feeling bored with your partner?

WHAT TO DO IF YOU FEELING BORED IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Are you start feeling bored in your relationship? Don’t be afraid… many people feel just like you… Believe it or not, feeling bored in relationship is much more common than you think. Few months into relationship, or perhaps a year or two in some cases, and novelty and hormonal high wear off. You just don’t feel the same way anymore. It’s normal. What you should realize that it’s normal. Most likely your partner didn’t change. It’s same beautiful person you fell madly in love with. What happened is that novelty effect isn’t there anymore, because it simply can’t last, be that with your current partner or somebody else. So what do you do? Do you just go and change partners every six months? Of course not! 

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Keeping alive the passion & love in long term marriage…

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1. IS IT DIFFICULT TO STAY THE FIRE ALIVE? Being married for many years it’s not so easy because passion and fire it’s difficult to stay alive… Even though when you commit to one another that’s usually the intention, after a few years or even months, the “fire” sometimes dwindles and may even go out completely. Here we look at just some of the secrets and relationship tips on how to keep the love and passion in a relationship alive long after the fire, for many, would have gone out: 2. SECRETS & TIPS TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE  1.Forget all the small stuff. Just ignore all the little irritating habits and foibles and concentrate on the important things in life. Focus on the things that make him great, things for which you first fell in love with him, so that the flavor of his socks and flatulence won’t seem so bad!
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How to make him want you back again…

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HE DOESN’T WANT ME…You still love him but he doesn’t give you attention anymore Your feelings are still strong but he doesn’t seems feel same as you… Like it or not, all people go through a breakup or two during their lives. However, if you are asking how to make a guy want you back, it means that for you it’s not over yet. In this case you have to make sure that this is what you really want. There are a lot of tips and tactics that you can use to make guys want you and you can be sure that some (if not all) will work on him as well. TIPS TO MAKE HIM WANT YOU BACK.. Keep your distance When it comes to how to make a guy want you back fast is to show them the huge mistake they made when they let you go. 


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Time to get romantic with your girlfriend: Guide tips

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You are the type of man who can’t express easily romance and sensitive feelings to your girlfriend? Understand what romance means and why it is important and learn what romantic aspects there are to your own character. No one has a heart made of stone, however tough their exteriorRomance is at the heart of any dating experience. If you don’t consider yourself romantic then you are wrong. I don’t know of anyone on this planet who doesn’t have the ability to fall in love. Therefore if you can fall in love, you can be romantic too. Romance is not in the grand gestures , it is in the small details. Women will often say that it is the small things that matter. Read more

Tired of trying to be perfect. Perfectionism & relationship…

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1. THE PROBLEMS OF BEING PERFECTIONIST. What harm can perfectionism cause?Being perfectionist may cause many problems. It can:cause you to have low self esteemstop you being happy
hurt your relationships. One by one let’s take a look at the points above and you’ll see why it is so important to stop being a perfectionist.  Perfectionism will prevent you from taking satisfaction from anything you achieve. A perfectionist believes that nothing he or she does is good enough because only perfection is acceptable. The trouble is perfection doesn’t exist. A perfectionist has low self esteem because he can’t accept himself as he really is imperfect. Read more

Sex problems & how you can improve your skills…

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You are having problems with your love life… Sex is very important in a relationship and general in our personal life. Whether the problem is big or small, there are many things you can do to get your sex life back on track. Your sexual well-being goes hand in hand with your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Your understanding of yourself as a sexual being, your thoughts about what constitutes a satisfying sexual connection, and your relationship with your partner are key factors in your ability to develop and maintain a fulfilling sex life. Read more

Keeping secrets from your mate…

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Have you ever kept secrets from your partner? And on the other hand what do you do if you find that your significant other is keeping secrets? Not just the little ones that we all do from time to time, but big ones – like finances, appointments, mail, phone calls, etc? Well, the first question I would suggest you ask is how did a person that secretive became your significant other? Why were you willing to overlook that unwillingness to be open and honest? Remember, when you have serious relationship problems like this, it’s not the other person’s problem!! Yes, it’s their behavior, but the problem is that they’re in your life, you put them there, and that means it’s your problem. Read more

How To Meet a Girl Online and Ask Her To Go Out…

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How To Meet a Girl Online

If you are looking for a women online but you don’t know exactly how to approach and ask her to go out read this below: Learning how to successfully find a girl online takes a bit of strategic planning. Women who put personal profiles on dating sites tend to get a lot of perverted and otherwise nasty responses, so most are leery of replying to responses. They basically have their guard up, and rightfully so, some men have tricked women and degraded them. While many women are still interested in meeting men online they are not sure if they can always trust personal descriptions. Obviously by chatting via emails and personal messages there is an opportunity to get to know someone, but if that person is being honest or not is always an issue.  Read more

The art of hugging…

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Can you imagine a relationship without hugs and kisses? The art of hugging is very comforting and romantic form of affection. A simple hug can say “I love you”, “I care for you”, or “I’m there for you”. Plus, hugs are free! Hugging is simple gesture that conveys security and deep communication but it communicates love and is good for the couple the moment in which eros is dissolved into something sweeter. Unfortunately in recent times too many patterns are used to maintain control and embrace is relegated to a dedicated space, thus losing the spontaneity of the gesture. But it is important to regain confidence with this act. Read more