February 16, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Best personality traits women want from men

Ladies are impressed from men’s physically qualifications but they also focused in some important personality traits of them. When it comes to mens  personality there are a number of things that are worth looking into…

It’s important to know what personality traits women want in men to be successful in attracting a great partner. A lot of women look for things like being rich, good-looking, ripped, or being great in bed. But there also those women who looking for guys with strong personality…

They impressed from a man when  has an interesting character and special features… 

Which are the personality traits that men should have according to the desires of women?

Being faithfull. You should never cheat on the woman that you have. Being faithful can only work in your favor. Let’s put it this way, you want to sleep with a number of women.

A gendleman is always atracctive. Women want a guy that treat a lady like a lady and  if you actually ask women about it you will quickly learn that they have an appreciation for men that carry old fashioned beliefs.

Strong man is desirable. This does not refer to being physically strong but more to your character in comparison to hers. If you can show true strength and firmness of character you will create an image of a strong man in her eyes. This is about being confident and not being afraid to show it.

Be compassionate. Compassion it’s about going there to offer her some real comfort.

Being direct.If you really want to impress her, try giving direct responses whilst looking into her eyes. Give her your full undivided attention and she will respect you for that.

Have humor. Women are emotional beings so they associate laughter with a good feeling. As a result, if you can make them laugh, you’re basically making them feel good around you.

Βe communicative. Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, so a man must be able to listen to and empathize with his partner.

Being smart & successfull.Every woman wants a winner. If a guy has a job and a place to live, it generally means that he is driven, hardworking, and responsible – all of which are ideal characteristics in a mate.

Be sociable. A woman wants to know that she can introduce you to her pals without having to worry that you could potentially creep them out.  Being able to play well with others is key. 💡  💡 


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