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Ashley Madison: Is widely known as the largest site to find married men and women and  truly is famous for online affair dating experience.

Ashley Madison Profile

 Ashley Madison was conceived and launched in 2002 and now caters to over 23 million members worldwide. Whether you are married  or simply single and want to date married individuals Ashley Madison can help you find the perfect relationship in a discreet and safe way.



How it works

As with most dating sites, signing up is free. The process of signing up and filling in your profile is very simple. You enter in your basic details and, if you wish, you can jump straight to searching for someone.

One of the major issues all dating sites face is the enormous difference between male and female members. Ashley maintains an outstanding 58%:42% female:male ratio with the majority of users falling between ages of 25 and 54 years. The site caters to married or single men and women looking for married men or women to have an affair. 



However, you have the option of filling out a more detailed profile that includes descriptions of your interests, your perfect match, and your “intimate interests.” You have the capability to add a profile photo, but you’ll find that the nature of this matching service makes profiles with photos fairly rare. It all adds up to Ashley Madison functioning like the Yahoo Personals of the polyamorous.

Members can get quite specific in their profiles with an interest checklist of over fifty preferences ranging from scented candles to tattoos. Some members also have a “private showcase” that may include photos you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. Other members must be invited to view them.



Ashley Madison offers a lot of help for members who want to make discretion a high priority. Members can turn off their profiles at any time, and they can also set things up so they appear offline even when they are actually online. In case you are about to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, there is a panic button that will whisk you away to a movie trailer website. Good luck hitting it in time, though, as the button is awfully tiny.

Other features you’ll find on the site include a tips section, where Ashley Madison offers advice for successful encounters. The online matchmaker seems to have thought of everything a new member could want in the way of help, even providing a “Dictionary of Acronyms & Emoticons” and a chart listing the most popular days and times for members to be on the site.


How much does it cost?

There is no monthly subscription price. Instead members pay for credits, with the cheapest option being 100 credits. That will buy you 5 hours of instant messaging time or 20 emails to new matches. The ultimate package costs $360 and covers six months of unlimited emailing and 750 credits (which equates to more than 37 hours of instant messaging time). Members can also choose to transfer credits to other members.

The Premium Packages available on Ashley Madison will allow you to chat and message with members on the site and it will also give you access to extra premium features such as the mobile app and the mobile version of the website allowing you to browse and communicate with married women and married men discreetly without having to ever use your home computer. 

The basic introductory package starts at $49 dollars and it will load your account with 100 credits. Credits on Ashley Madison never expire and will always be available even if you leave the website and decide to come back later. 



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