May 12, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Are you feeling bored with your partner?

WHAT TO DO IF YOU FEELING BORED IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Are you start feeling bored in your relationship? Don’t be afraid… many people feel just like you… Believe it or not, feeling bored in relationship is much more common than you think. Few months into relationship, or perhaps a year or two in some cases, and novelty and hormonal high wear off. You just don’t feel the same way anymore. It’s normal. What you should realize that it’s normal. Most likely your partner didn’t change. It’s same beautiful person you fell madly in love with. What happened is that novelty effect isn’t there anymore, because it simply can’t last, be that with your current partner or somebody else. So what do you do? Do you just go and change partners every six months? Of course not! 

You should realize you are looking for problem in a wrong place. The excitement and happiness shouldn’t come from your partner anyway. It’s like searching for your keys in the car when you forgot them at home. You will never find them there. In addition, anything could happen to the other person, if you invest in him/her that much you lose balance and perspective. You might even push him/her away by your neediness. 

Your partner isn’t there to entertain you. He/she is a living breathing human being and, just like you, has his/her ups and downs.

Is not a professional entertainer, nor he/she is supposed to be. If you suspect that is bored too, carefully suggest a solution.Don’t act like a psychologist or like you know it all.Just give ideas and hints on what he/she could do to feel better.


The solution is to remember that it’s something to be expected and be prepared to deal with it and once you recognize the signs, you can begin combatting them:

1.While sex isn’t everything and has its ups and downs,  if the two are you going through a prolonged period of time where you’re not having a whole lot of sex, she/he might be bored in the bedroom.Talk openly and honestly about what wants in bed.

2.Do the two of you still go out? Or are there a lot of nights spent just “hanging out?” If you are a man ask her out on a date. Get her out of the house and doing new and exciting things with you.

3.One more sign is that your partner getting bored and looking elsewhere. If you think is a little friendlier with other guys than normal, you’re probably right. So you need to get on top of things and start getting your relationship back together.

Finally if you recognize those signs in your relationship it is very important to inject some energy before you give up hope.

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