January 22, 2016 Harriet Brookes

8 ways flirting a shy & sensitive girl

Flirting is an easy game for you… may think of yourself as a flirting expert… but sometimes flirt is more difficult than you think.  The truth is that flirting is a very playful act therefore, it is inherently more challenging to flirt with a girl who is considered sensitive and shy…

Although most girls today are more confident than before, some girls are still shy and more sensitive. If you’re interested in a sensitive girl, flirting with her might be a little more difficult. She might give you a hint that she’s interested but not enough to make you notice. So take some time to understand her actions and be patient with her…

Here are some tips on how you can flirt a shy & sensitive girl:

1.Firstly, don’t make any move if you are a one night stand type… sensitive and shy women are more in touch with their feelings and they prefer to get involved in a meaningful relationship. Only when there is a possibility for an actual relationship should you try to go in pursuit of that girl.

2.Let her know she can talk to you anytime. That girls don’t like overconfident guys. They easily get intimidated with guys like this. Once you got the chance to talk to her, make her feel that she can always talk to you every time she wants to. Instead of talking about yourself, let her speak and learn how to listen.

3.Engaging in a deep conversation with her. This  will make her feel that you really are interested and that you have no time to play games. Also, don’t try to approach her if she’s with her friends. This will make her feel intimidated. Instead, approach her when she’s alone and when she’s not doing anything.

4.Respect and compliment her. When flirting with a sensitive and shy girl, avoid teasing her. Although your intention is to flatter her, for her, it will seem like you’re being disrespectful.

5.Use traditional ways flirting with her. Sensitive girls are impressed by noble and romantic gestures. A bouquet of roses, a love letter or a love confession…

6.Compliment her on a personal, physical feature, in a non-sexual way. You can compliment your shy girl on her hair, smile, unique laugh, sense of humor, eyes, her freckles, etc.

7.Be patient. Patience is your key when flirting with that type of  girl. Remember that it’ll take some time before she finally decides to open up to you. The best thing to do is to just let her feel secure. Let her know your true intentions and allow her to be comfortable with you.

8.Keep at it. You may have to chat up and smile at a shy & sensitive girl more than a non-shy  girl before she gets the hint that you like her and are flirting with her.

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