December 1, 2015 Harriet Brookes

5 dating rules for men

When i mean dating rules for men of course and i mean the rules that created by women… Because always ladies are those who “drive the game”… the most important is to feel comfortable with yourself first and then with the woman who is front of you… Follow those rules and i am sure you will “pass the first test”…

1.Compliment Her
Who doesn’t love compliments? However, fake compliments are equally harmful, so be honest. Whether you’re saying, “you’ve an awesome dressing sense” or “you look beautiful in that particular dress” ensure your heart agrees to it. Compliments, when they spring from the fountain of heart, showers the other person with the feeling of being acknowledged and appreciated. So be genuine in complimenting. Don’t be superficial. 

2.Make Her Feel Special
This sums up all the dating rules for guys. Every effort, every gesture and steps that you’ve taken to impress her must be focused with the objective of making her feel special. That is the most basic desire we all have, at some point of time in our lives, to be very special for that special someone. So be original, be honest, be creative and ultimately she will understand what you wish to convey. Though still she may want you to say it, women you know, have their own logic. They need everything to be said, right into their ears. They know everything, yet they want to hear!

3.Pay the bill and pick a place that you both will like.

Nothing is worse than getting excited for dinner or a movie that you both can’t even enjoy. Also you should follow the traditional way and be a man… what  mean? to pay the bill and make her feal comfortable and safe… believe me this is something that every woman likes even those who are indepentent…

4.Be on time and leave your cell phone in your pocket.

Women HATE waiting when they don’t need to. Make sure your phone is on vibrate or even silent and check your Instagram later! Women like to speak on phone a lot of hours but they don’n want from men do the same…

5.What About Sex
It does not require some amazing level of comprehension ability to understand that sex is not a topic to be pushed… Why do you want to mess your beautiful date by including a topic that must stem after some comfort in your understanding levels? It radiates a negative vibe… Do I need to explain more? Understand friends, it’s too heavy to push sex initially, so avoid it.


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