May 6, 2016 Harriet Brookes

4 funny games to play with your boyfriend…

When you are in a relationship you must do some different, interesting things together to keep the fire alive… you should take a risk, try new experiences and do funny things together…

If you feel like your relationship has been kind of dull as of late, have no fear, relationship games are here. Here are 4 simple games you can play to get the fire going between you two again. These games are for new and established relationships.

1.Blind Date. You can both write down five places without telling each other the locations. You might be writing the same places down, but you don’t know. Then draw one out of a hat and that will be where you go for your ‘blind’ date. Make a reservation and dress up like it really is a blind date. When you dress up it helps bring that extra element of fun to your night. Then when you’re at your blind date, try to find out more about each other that you may not have shared before. Share funny childhood stories, funny phobias, and your most embarrassing moments, keep it light and fun. If he gets lucky, maybe you’ll give him a good night kiss.

2. Double date charades. Find a couple and invite them to play charades. Serve some appetizers and switch up the teams. Don’t just play on your partner’s team because you guys know each other too well. This game is sure to bring some laughs and it’s important to socialize in relationships so you don’t just hang out with each other.

3. Sentimental game. This game is called 10 things I love about you. It’s a good game to do with a glass of wine, with dinner or dessert. It’s a simple game but there is a rating system. You go back and forth taking turns telling each other what you love about the other person. You will each rate the other person’s things on a scale of 1-10. The person with the highest score at the end of the game wins. You can judge the reason based on uniqueness, genuineness, and sexiness. For instance, I love your eyes is about a 1 on the uniqueness scale and I love the way you breathe deeply and play reggae when you’re mad at me instead of saying something unkind is more like a 7 on the uniqueness scale. This game encourages you to really think about the other person and will bring you closer together.

4. Movie game. This game might just be a good excuse to watch movies and kiss, but who cares. The rules are simple. It’s kind of like that family guy drinking game but less unproductive. Every time the word ‘love’ is said, you kiss your partner. This means you’re better off choosing a romantic movie or television show, otherwise you can’t kiss. You’ll get to know the movies that you get to kiss the most in. You can switch the rules and kiss every time there is a kiss on screen too. This is a dumb game, yes, but it’s light hearted and fun. These games don’t have to be rocket science. The point is to get you relaxed, comfortable and just having fun.




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