January 25, 2016 Harriet Brookes

10 tricks how to talk to a woman on the phone…

Women  think that the way to connection with a guy they are dating is to share information though talking. This is why when there is a hesitation in the conversation she asks, “What are you thinking about?” If you say nothing, she believes you are hiding something. For the guy who is good at talking, this way of connecting in order to build a deep and meaningful relationship is no problem. But, for the guy that finds talking about his thoughts and feelings difficult, this approach to building a deep and meaningful relationship can be a real nightmare!

Are you a man that finds it difficult to talk to women on the phone or generally not so good on discussions? There are tips and tricks you can use to learn how to talk to a girl and especcially how to talk her on the phone…

1.Before you even begin to call a girl, you want to make sure your own voicemail is setup. You want to make sure she hears something that inclines her to leave a voice message if you don’t pick up

2.It’s important to have a reason for calling. When you get on the phone, you want to get to the point so as not to waste her time. Be honest about why you’re calling. Are you calling to ask for a date? Knowing what you want to say can reduce nervousness.

3.One method of finding common ground for starting a conversation is to do a little research on her. You can check out her social media pages to learn more about her. You also need to realize that some women are private and don’t use social much or at all.

4.The best days to call a girl is from Sunday – Wednesday. Thursday – Saturdays are normally days where people go out and socialize. You’ll more likely to seem like a loner if you call her for an hour long conversation on a Saturday night. In addition, you’re more likely to reach her voicemail on the weekends.

5.Revel in the silences and have complete confidence in them. When you are able to do this, you will find girls are far more likely to make more of an effort. The silences are there for her to put more effort in the conversation, so stop rushing to fill them up with a nervous laugh or a lame question, which will make her complacent will have her just sitting back and expecting you to do all the work. A man who is comfortable with silences always demonstrates a certain amount of strength.

6.If she is busy, ask her when you should call back. If she can talk now, then ask about her day or tell her why you called. If you want to ask for a date, ask her out during the first few minutes of the call. This lets her know that asking her out is a priority and not an afterthought.

7.As you talk, remember to breathe so you sound relaxed. Don’t talk to fast, too slowly or too much.You will be able to impress her if you talk softly and sweetly on the phone. Don’t be loud and don’t get aggressive. It’s also important to listen to what she says and not to interrupt her. Being polite instead of rude will make a good impression. If you are naturally sarcastic, try to keep these types of comments to a minimum.

8.Don’t try to force the conversation in a particular direction. Also, realize that it takes two people to make a good phone call. She has to do half the work, so don’t feel as though it’s all on you.

9.Women are attracted to men who can connect with them on an emotional level rather than just a superficial one. She will NOT be attracted to you just because you too like to go to the gym… Although having things in common can initially help keep the conversation moving, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to be making much impact on her.

10.You cannot call her randomly any time of the day. Nor can you call her twenty times in a day. What you must do, however, is know when you can call her. It could be in her lunch break, or when she is travelling back home from work or late at night.


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