December 16, 2015 Harriet Brookes

When is the right time to say “I love you”

Everyone is looking for love… How doesn’t want love? Even those who are tough and independent deeply inside crave love…

The most overused and misunderstood phrase worldwide is the phrase: “I love you”…  the sweetest and most romantic words ever. But if you meet someone and feel something special for,  this doesn’t mean that you  really love him/her? When is the appropriate time to say “i love you”?

We’re talking about time here. Most people think that time is the ultimate basis for saying those words. Too soon, too early, just right – those are the factors that people base it on.

The truth is that there is no specific time or place to say “I love you.” You can say it whenever you want, wherever you want, and to whomever you want.

The only thing that you really need to think about is whether you really feel it in your heart. Is it really love? Or are you just expressing something that you think is love?

If you have any doubts about that, here are some guidelines on when it’s time to say it:

When you trust your partner. Usually, love doesn’t come until  you trust a person. By that time, you’ll be able to say those three little words without any doubts or second guessing. We’ll never know what can happen after, but it feels a little safer to say it to someone that you trust completely.

After spending time together. Not after the first date. You hardly know a person at this point, so it’s typically too soon to say that you love a stranger. If it’s love at first sight, however, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re willing to take a risk that quickly.

When you have no doubts about. You’re not thinking about why you shouldn’t say it. You know that you don’t want to loose that person and you always feel wonderful when you are together.

 When you feel butterflies, tightness in your stomach. That loopy feeling you get in your chest is your body’s way of saying, “We’re happy. Just go with it. Is the easiest marker to watch out for when you want to say “I love you.”

Not before or during sex. It’s better to say the words when you’re during sex, so you can differentiate between lustful love and romantic love.

When you’re not worried about saying it or anxious to hear the other person’s response.This means that you are sure about your feelings and you know that is a true love…

There’s no textbook, formula for saying it…so instead of stressing about it you should just say it… Enjoy the moment and this important feeling that will change your life!






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