March 3, 2016 Harriet Brookes

My sexual insecurity… How to overcome?

Haven you ever feel sexual insecurity?  There are a lot of  people who say:”I haven’t dated in many time because I am insecure sexually” or  I’m afraid my partners will tell others I’m bad in bed or humiliate me in some other way… 

Sexual insecurity is a common problem among many people. Relationships and can suffer because of it. This problem may be more psychological than anything else. It is something that people need to overcome. 

People with sexual insecurity apparently, want most of all to be sexually desirable, and are constantly measuring their own sexual desirability against that of other people. 

What can you do to work toward managing your anxiety around sexual performance.? Here are some tips to help you overcome sexual insecurity 😉 

Know what you like.

In order to let go of your sexual insecurities, you need to know what you like about sex. You might need to explore your body more through self-pleasure in order to discover what it is that arouses you. Before you can let your partner enjoy sex, you should also know and understand what you enjoy about it. This means becoming familiar with what pleases you.



Talking about your fears, concerns and what you need to feel safe and secure. This communication can open up doors to comfort. Being honest with yourself and your partner is key in managing your anxiety.


Learn to let it loose.

One way that can affect your experience in bed is the pressure and anxiety that you feel. Sometimes, you become too pre-occupied about making the perfect sexual experience for your partner that it is already affecting your performance. Once you fail, it adds up to your insecurities. The better approach to sex is just by trying to savor the experience. Do not try to worry yourself about your performance. Try to let the feelings and the emotions sink in. Let everything loose and relax. Focus on the experience, not the methods.


Increase your sexual comfort.

The origins of anxiety may be rooted in sexual discomfort or inexperience. Read about sexuality, learn sexual techniques, have a better understanding of your partner’s pleasure cues.


Stop comparing yourself to anyone else.

There are probably more myths and more disinformation about sex. The reality is that every woman and man is different, and what satisfies one person may have no effect on another.



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