February 4, 2016 Harriet Brookes

Distance Relationships: Advantages

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If for some people the idea of a distance- relationship is frightening, for others the distance seems to be an advantage. This at least shows recent research at the University of Cornwall according to the results of which couples are located, they tend to care more communication between them, even having contact 3-4 times in the day. This leads to develop strong ties since grown too strongly a “personal” code of communication between the couple.  Social media put the stone to maintaining contact and long distance relationships tend to become trend. In fact some people prefer to choose them as a fanatically such requirements relative to their match gauntlet demanding everyday life.

Whether by choice or because it was, according to researchers of Cornwall least the distance relationships seem to have their positives. 

The reasons why the investigation has shown that a relative distance is a source of rejuvenation and strengthening a relationship are:


1.Holds steady interest. Once the couple can not meet on a daily basis, automatically cultivated a sense of anticipation and longing for the coveted meeting … there is no room for friction and bickering while thinking “runs” continuously in sweet searching ways of communicating with distance mate like skype. 

2. Grown a more substantial contact. The fact that the couple does not have daily contact creates a subconscious desire to “open” longer and confided more personal matters.

3. There is more sexual tension. Sexual desire is growing within the distance relationship, after meeting expectation “triggers” intense sexual stimulation.

4. The demystification of the relationship does not fit here. The distance removes the possibility of coexistence, which brings to the fore the habits, characteristics and defects of another, so all may seem perfect and ideal even if it is not so in reality. 

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