February 17, 2016 Harriet Brookes

7+1 signs of cheating…

If you worry about your partner and you think that he/she suddenly changed behaviour… it’s time to ask yourself if is cheating you with someone else… but be calm…before you come to conclusions check in for some signs of cheating.

So,when you think that your partner is having an affair, you begin looking for different signs of cheating. The trouble is, what is innocent behavior and what is really a sign that something is going on? Every person needs to know these obvious signs of cheating…

You notice your partner changing, and your feeling intensifies, yet you never ask questions because you know that it will only end up in a fight. Maybe there’s a third party and you need to know the signs of a cheater to resolve what you are feeling…

1.Search for more privacy. If you notice your partner being alone more frequently then you might be in the presence of a cheater. Being alone allows your partner to have open lines of communication with the “other person” via cell phones and computers. Cell phones and computers are really personal gadgets but being too guarded with these things might be an indication that your partner is withholding some information.

2. Imroved look/style. Some of these efforts include joining the gym, getting a new haircut, buying different grooming products, having new clothes, shoes and so on. Be wary of these changes because your partner might be trying to impress other people.

3. Stay at work until late. This is a classic sign. Having overtime work is one of the most overused excuses when you are cheating with someone. It is very easy to cheat after working hours especially after a long and tiring day.

4.Takes the phone every single time leaves the room & always put it on airplane mode. Even if it’s just to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water, or into the bathroom, there’s a good chance your suspicions could be legit. This means you can’t see incoming text messages on his phone or his/her calls…

5.Cancel your plans. If starts canceling dinner plans, texting that something came up, and can’t make your friend’s party, or asks if it’s cool if  just crashes at home—but won’t answer his/her phone that is a very likely sign of cheating

6.You fight more often. Starts fights and makes accusatory statements more often. You notice your mate is more on edge and starts fights more often. This also might include suddenly accusing you of cheating. This could be a guilty conscience at play.

7. Sex is different or less. Your partner seems disinterested and now you have sex rarely.

8. Brings you flowers or a gift. This is a nice gesture but when you are not used to it then you should be suspicious.

However, if you are in a relationship, being a little suspicious is healthy, just don’t over do it….maybe it’s nothing… and he/she just going through α diffucult time… 🙁 


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