February 11, 2016 Harriet Brookes

7 white lies you can lie on your first date…

There is a song that say: “I love the way you lie” and sometimes telling lies, specialy on your first date is good. We named them: “white lies”.

Simply, they are just innocent lies that will bypass a little bit awkwardness as well as potential bad decisions.

In general, telling lies about yourself to your date is a big NO! I mean, if you aren’t going to meet him/her again, then why lie? And, if you have developed attachment, then what’s the point of telling a lie, eventually your secret will be revealed anyhow.

Here are a list of 10 acceptable lies which are totally fine to say on your first date:

1.”My family is alright, my job is OK, and life’s pretty good.”

Maybe your mom gets on your nerves, your coworkers are unsophisticated, and you wake up at least once a week in a grumpy mood. But a first date isn’t the time to bring this up. Nobody likes a complainer, and if you’re willing to complain a lot to someone you barely know on a first date, imagine what message you’re sending about what awaits on the second date.

2.”It was nice meeting you.”

Some dates are disaster, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cruel. At the end of the evening, thank the date for the nice time (even if it was the most boring night of your life). Be courteous. And then say goodbye.

3.Your bad ex. Exes aren’t really subjects that should be brought up much during a first date in the first place, but if the subject comes up, lie. Don’t tell them that your ex-girlfriend tried to run you over with a car. Don’t tell them that your ex-boyfriend stalked you and had a meltdown that landed him in a psych ward. Just lie and say you guys grew apart—or some other, super corny reason.

4.Your future dreams.With a house and a spouse and a baby, just living happily ever after, together, forever!” No. Don’t tell them that. They will feel pressured to meet your needs and may ultimately make the decision that you want more than they can offer. Just tell them that you want a house and a good job that you enjoy.

5.If you live with your parents. If you’re living at home with your parents, please lie about it. At least at first. It won’t matter what your reasons are for living at home. If someone hears that, then they’ll immediately picture you being 40 years old, still taking up space in your parents’ basement, all alone.

6.Keep secret for a while your strange habbit or fetish. Fetishes, particularly if they are seemingly weird could change the way someone sees you, even if they do not know much about you. Save your doll fetish and balloon till your date is already so far in your relationship that they could not turn back.

7. “I like cooking.”. Cooking is a hobby which less people pursue, but most people appreciate it. So, if you cook occasionally, your white lie about love for cooking can go well with the talk. But mind it, if you have no clue about cooking, don’t lie, just say that it’s more of a mood thing.

And remember… Little lie is fine, but a big lie can lend you in trouble… 😳  😳 


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