November 11, 2015 Harriet Brookes

4 questions to ask yourself at the first date

At the first dating it is not always easy, because of the emotion. But it is precisely this moment to understand if that person in front of you could be the right for you.

Your first appointment will work better if you will, both relaxed. So, basically it’s a time to really know each other. But it is important to understand if deserves a second or even more changes.

So there are the “areas” that, talking, between sips of coffee or a snack …goes “under investigation”… because it can reveal important information to make a decision.

Here they are…

1) Humor. What makes you laugh the most? Especially women, but also men, appreciate a  partner with humor and able to make them smile. But not everyone finds the same things funny. Some are sarcastic and those who prefer the English humor, are those who appreciate a clean and gentle humor. This can make the difference in relationships.

2)Hobbies and passions. Perhaps you have already spoken in messages or in your telephone conversations, before the meeting, but face is also a way to understand how much time devotes to hobby, what is the intensity of involvement with it and which are the priorities. It ‘another indirect way to know each other better.

3)What do you want from the relationship. Putting the situation in clear from the begining allows you to put right basis…

4)The weekend. Understanding what normally is doing in spare time the person in front of you… is something that give you a number of important informations about what type of person is he/she…




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