March 4, 2016 Harriet Brookes

10 queations avoid to ask on the first date

You make all the preparation for your first date but you still feel stressful?

Dont’ worry it’s natural. It’s your first date together and you worried about making a good first impression.You have made all the preparations you need to. Thought for hours about the restaurant you are dining at. Spent countless hours figuring out what to wear. but something is missing. Maybe you should think about how you will speak and what to avoid.What you speak and the way you speak is the most critical factor based on which your prospective better half judges you.

Read on to know the 10 weird questions not to ask on the first date.

1.How were your previous dating experiences?

The only thing you’ll do with that information is form an opinion about him/her. If he/ she says 6 months ago, you’ll wonder why he/she hasn’t dated anyone since then.

2.What do you think about marriage?

Your date might not be ready to settle down yet and talking about marriage will do nothing but make him/her uncomfortable.

3.Do You like me?

Obviously it’s the question we all want to know the answer to but it’s also the one you should never ask on the first date. You will seem needy and insecure.

4.What is your age/salary/dream house?

It’s not necessary to enumerate anything on the first date! Sharing too much is the biggest mistake people make and it can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed.

5.Can we take a couple selfie?

Remember also, if date two never happens, that selfie will always serve as a painful reminder…

6.Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?

If she/he has been unfaithful to a former boyfriend/girlfriend (or been cheated on), there’s likely to be a story behind it and it’s probably not a happy one…

7.How much do you weigh?

Weight is another issue that should remain private. Asking about his size might make him feel insecure or self-conscious, even if you have the best intentions.

8.Who are you voting for?

Bringing up political preferences is a major don’t. If it’s part of his career or the topic comes up naturally, go ahead and (very politely, very briefly) address it, then move on.

9.Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not only is it a cliché cop-out of a question, but it also screams “overeager.” Play it cool by keeping things casual.

10.What’s your “number”?

Learning someone’s sexual history is very important—once you’re sleeping with them, that is. There’s no need to raise the issue right away, though, so hold out until it’s necessary.  😳  😳 

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